Thursday, September 29, 2011

more than just a feeling

Nina really felt like the outsider now. My God, what a confused family, she thought. But she was there for Casey at the roast beef dinner. Sarah's family..aka...Casey's family made all his favorites.

Sarah's Mom told Nina that Casey loved her mashed potatoes. Always had.

"But yours are great." Casey mentioned to Nina as to not let her feel let down. He squeeze her hand. Nina gritted a smile. For a moment she really thought Sarah's Mom might really be Casey's mom. Nina doubted she'd ever meet that woman in Florida who was suppose to be his REAL mom.

She looked at Casey's dad. Was he what Casey would turn into? His wife babied him. It was really a tad disgusting. Nina wasn't going to put that much effort into Casey. And to think that wife of his had cheated on him. Yet, he'd cheated on his wife. It was as complicated as RINGER on the CW. Almost. She still wasn't sure if she'd tune in Tuesday nights. But a faint smile grew, perhaps her life was as interesting as anything on TV, thanks to Casey.

Nina squeezed his hand back. She was ready and willing to be there for Casey.

"Don't you think Sarah should meet her grandmother?" Nina suddenly stopped the conversation. Everyone stared at her as if she wasn't suppose to talk about people that Sarah never met. "Well, she's anxious. She needs to know she has a grand-daughter instead of a grand-son, don't you think?"

Nina was sure she'd find a way to be more than just a guest role in this family. She sighed as if really they needed to listen to her. She had something to say.


ellie said...

Oh, Nina..she is something.

molly said...

Nina is probably right.

She is Sara said...

I think Nina is turning around.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I actually agree with Nina this time! Oh, and thank you for your comment, it gave me a lot to think about :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm on Nina's team this time around. :/

Lux and Stan said...

Nina is definitely on the right track.

Florence said...

Nina ...:D