Tuesday, September 27, 2011

coming around

Casey thought every year, the kids just got meaner at school. Especially, in the BOYS wash room. Here he went to clean up someone's mess. Mono was rampant this year. His luck he'd catch it even if Nina said he couldn't have it twice.

He sanitized the stalls, cleaning those toilets until they looked spanking new. There would be hell to pay if the toilets weren't clean. His dark bangs stuck to his sweaty forehead. He was barely aware of the fumes from the Lysol now.

"Hey." The voice almost made Casey jump as he turned from the stall to see Sarah and her Dad staring at him. "Why won't you return any of my calls?" It was after school, and it was just the two of them.

"How did you get in?" Casey winced. He'd promise Nina he wouldn't see Sarah. He looked at Sarah's dad.

"We told the cop outside, it was a family emergency." Sarah looked at her Dad then.

"What kind of family emergency?" Casey winced. "My family?" He was startled. There was just Nina, or his grandmother. "Did something happened to Grandy?"

"No." Sarah assured him.

"I can't see Nina getting a hold of you, for anything." He looked at both of them.

"Dad wants you to come to dinner." Sarah looked at her Dad. "Casey, meet your Dad."

Casey stared at both of them. Why was Sarah so calm? Shouldn't she be freaking out? He thought. Casey didn't know what to say.

"By the way, the Dad you were suppose to have, is actually my Dad." Sarah hugged herself.

"Everything is gonna be all right, son." His dad finally said. "We're gonna talk it all out. Talk it out tonight."

"Well, I have a couple of more stalls to work on here." Casey just couldn't put down his mop and go with them. "And I have to call Nina. Nina needs to know." It just wouldn't be right keeping this from her.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see how responsible and loyal Casey is. :)

Magda said...

lovely blog¡¡¡ great post¡¡¡

kisses from Mexico :D

Erika said...

Such a cute blog with such amazing writings, it did kept me hooked on reading :)

ps: thx sooo much for your wonderful comment on my post, i really do appreciate it! It would mean the world to me if u could also follow my blog :) <3 thx!


ellie's desk said...

So happy they are going to try to work this out.

mazzy may said...

Casey is so casey...

caitlin and megan said...

I'm glad Casey knows now.

Syed said...

I never did understand why people would come into school when they were clearly ill.