Thursday, September 15, 2011

out you go

Ali knew what she saw the moment Sage arrived. Cory was falling hard for the band roadie. Evidently. That smile of his was genuine around Sage, who made him laugh and listen. Ali felt as if her life caved in.

So she cooked a lot, and then she ate..a lot. It was best to keep to herself. She certainly didn't want to have anything to do with perky Sage. Ali couldn't stand the sight of her. It made Ali feel ugly and useless.

"Look, I'm very sorry ..if..." Sage told her the next morning when they were alone at breakfast. "If I've caused any problems." Sage sounded sincere enough, but Ali wasn't sure she bought it. At least, Spencer had some room in his basement for her. She was packed an on her way. "Between..between you and Cory. I didn't mean too. I-I've never been the other woman." She smiled as if the sound was just too ridiculous. "Cory's a great guy...and he's with you." She was timid though, trying to think what to say. "I respect you. OK, I'm not here to steal Cory." She shook her head.

"Then why are you here?" Ali was still cross that she'd come all this way to find Cory.

"I-I guess I've got nowhere else to go." She choked up a little. "But I'm out of your hair." Just then the doorbell rang. Spencer was here to pick her up.

Ali crossed her arms and watched Sage go. It was Cory's hair she was worried about. She knew Sage wanted to fondle those curls.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sage is definitely turning out to be trouble. :/

ellie said...

I do feel a little bad for Sage. I can understand Ali's concern too.

mazzy may said...

I'd hate for there to be a cat fight.

Natalie said...

Well at least cory is happy for a while, haha, THIS was a fun post, mine was gibberish compared to this

She is Sara said...

I feel really bad for Ali here :(