Tuesday, September 13, 2011

do you see what I see

"That's her?" Cory could detect the shock in Sage's voice when she found out that he was not home alone. "She's your girlfriend?" Sage eyeballed him as if he must be playing some game with her. Ali, of course, went to hide in the kitchen expecting him to take care of this situation.

"Yes." Cory sucked in a breath wondering how much information Sage needed. "We've been together for..well, months..now." He wished he knew an exact date, or something.

"And..you.." At first he thought she was mad. "You..why..did you neglect... to tell me?" He could see the hurt in her eyes now.

"I dunno." Feeling, Ali was going to be angry with him now, Cory felt his stomach tie in knots. "I should have, told you. I know. But, I..I just didn't feel the need that you had to know." His face tensed. "Look, you can stay ...until we find you place, or..whatever." He bit his bottom lip. "But..you can't just live here." He got the impression she was the run or something.

Sage nodded as if she understood. "That, that would be great."

"I-I thought you liked being on the road." In the last 7 hours, Sage didn't really say why she was here. She acted as if she needed a vacation of some kind. Then she let slip she was looking for work. "Did something happen?"

She shook her head, no, but he really didn't believe her. Cory told her she could sleep on the couch. He hoped Ali would be nice to her, but as it was, she'd hardly spoken to her. This was not what he needed. He was having enough trouble trying to get back in Ali's good graces, as it was. It was as if she knew he'd met someone new. And here she was.

Sage went upstairs to take a shower. Instantly, Ali arrived with an apple crisp for him.

"Its not what you think." He stressed to Ali. "Something must have happened." He couldn't imagine what. "I'll try to see if..if she can stay at Spencer's. Or something."

"You mean, she's not going home?" Ali scowled. She took back the crisp and started eating it herself. He wondered if that meant Ali didn't want him sleeping with her, either.

"I'm not sure. But it'll just be for the night. I promise." He felt he needed to swear on a bible. "There is nothing going on between Sage and me. She's just a friend."

"You're sure?" She licked the apple from the spoon.

"Positive." Cory sighed as he pulled out his cell. He was going to call Spencer, right now.


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

How awkward :s

ellie said...

Cory doesn't seem the type to be in a situation like this.

mazzy may said...

Well, at least Sage knows now.

meg said...

What a blow for Sage. Hope Ali doesn't mess this up.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sage needed to know. :/

She is Sara said...

Poor Cory, but it has to be hard on Ali too.

Natalie said...

thanks for the comment (: I love when people give their opinions :D