Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You, Don't know Ezra

Lucy couldn't remember what day it was. Todd promised it would only be a few days at the medical center. Just a few tests. She was expecting bloodwork and brain scans, but no, she was stuck with lots of questions. And then she slept.

She couldn't remember sleeping so much, and she couldn't remember any of her dreams which annoyed her the most, because dreams were precious. She missed Lux terribly. She was given something that wouldn't make her lactate and for a while she wanted to rip parts of body apart, but somehow she'd managed through it.

"Now we'd like you to come to the group session." The nurse waved her toward the chairs in a circle. It was sort of like a commons, or where you might hang out at a community center in the hospital.

Lucy tried not to groan much. She'd promised Todd she'd behave so she'd be home by the end of the week. She looked around, everyone was in the hospital Tee-shirts and sweat pants. She looked at her fingernails that were cut short. Just a precaution, unless she wanted a straight jacket. They had those here, or so she was informed after one little fit.

She looked around at the others. Most were younger than her. Suddenly, she felt so old. This couldn't be good, she thought. But then she saw someone more her age. He looked odd. She hugged herself tight, but couldn't resist to watch him with his messy hair. Even so, he was kind of pretty. Of course, not as pretty as Todd. No one was that pretty. She had to remember this. She would. She closed her eyes and thought of how impossible the week must have been for Todd with Lux. What were they doing right now? When would she see them again?

Right away, they had to make introduction. They didn't have to say much about themselves. Lucy told them that she wished she were home. She didn't want to be here.

"My name is Ezra, and I want to be here." He told anyone who would listen.

"Ezra? Did you sneak in, again?" Their group therapist gave him a funny look.

"So what if I did?" He was wearing what the others were wearing. He pushed his messy hair behind his ear and looked at her as if she could not tell him what to do.

"But your fine, Ezra. There's nothing wrong with you." The woman told him.

"How do you know that, for sure?" Ezra wanted to know.

Lucy looked at the woman, who was exhausted with Ezra's questions.

"Ezra, go home. Do something with your life." The instructor winced.

Lucy looked at Ezra.

"But I am doing something. I am. I'm here, aren't I?" Ezra shot back.

Lucy grinned. She liked Ezra.


ellie said...

What does she have in mind?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ezra's an interesting person. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ezra is there bacause he feel it help others in a way he cant explain..?

Thanks for visit my blog and for your compliment :)

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

what an interesting character! Can't wait to see more of him :)

Natalie said...

EZRA now all I can think of is pretty little liars. Thanks for the comment btw the video was just something fun to do, with a twist so to say

She is Sara said...

Hrmmm I like Ezra too :)

molly said...

Oh, boy, can't wait for more about Ezra.