Saturday, October 29, 2011

finding the music

Sage got to the party early and did her thing with the sound system. Immediately, Todd gave her the thumbs up about the sound. He thanked her and hoped she'd stick around. She promised she would, but she'd stay in the background.

Todd was dressed up like a pirate with a bit of scruffy beard and an eye-patch. Sage hadn't thought of this as a costume party, but soon enough, she knew she stuck out like a sore-thumb in her black T-shirt and old jeans.

The place filled up quick enough at 7 with the underage show. There were plenty of canned drinks, and wrapped candy. Todd went out of his way to make sure the place was within code. No suspicious drinking, just the band playing and kids jumping to the music.

She watched Allie in her Xena costume. She was definitely the iron maiden. Cory wore a skeleton shirt.  Spencer was in black. So was Benny. Gage danced around as if he might be on something, but he was on stage as sort of a back up singer, only he mouthed the words. Everyone started playing songs that people expected to hear. As long as the music pulsed through your body, what else mattered?

Sage looked around as the lights lowered and a disco ball turned. She wondered if Ezra would even make it. He said he was tired after his shift at the library. Not that she'd ordered him to do anything. She felt awkward about last night.

There was really nothing going on between them. There was just something off about him. She couldn't be sure, but she knew once he woke up, got his act together..she'd be history. So it was good ..nothing happened. Just sleep. Sage was beginning to think she attracted weird guys.

She kept staring at Cory who was possibly the only normal guy she knew. She wished things had been different. She'd had her chance with him when they were on the road. Why hadn't she taken it? If only she would just take more chances. Sage felt so sad. It was hard to enjoy the party.

The band started playing PLANET CLARE. Spencer was making the song so creepy on the keyboard. Sage couldn't help but smile. As the music got stronger in the intro, someone grabbed her hand. He didn't even ask if she wanted to dance. Before Sage could blink she was on the dance floor.

Sage was in awe, she had no idea that Declan even knew how to dance. Declan from the grocery store who never spoke. But his little smile would hold her attention, ever so often. Now they were dancing, and he was so amazing. Short, but she was shorter..and it was like she'd found the perfect fit.

His eyes such a shocking blue, a little ominous yet sincere. She couldn't stop watching him as she moved with him. He was fast but she kept up. Yet, he wasn't letting go, either. Before she knew it, they were kissing. No one had ever done that before. Just slipped in, intoxicating and...incredible. Sage kissed him back. It was the best Halloween bash ever.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Surprising things happen on Halloween! :)

ellie said...

Wow, what a way to start the night.

molly said...

I love the name Declan!

molly said...

I love the name Declan!

caitlin and megan said...

Oh, I don't think anybody can be above it when you meet someone like that at a party...and you are ready for it.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Ooh yay, what a great start to the night!