Monday, October 31, 2011

as the band played on

Todd couldn't do much but look out at the crowd. He kept playing. His fingers growing numb. He couldn't remember playing the electric guitar this long, ever. But he went with the flow. People were having a good-time, even if Lucy got in a spat with Nina over taking pictures.

Casey scolded Nina and let Lucy do her business. Flashing everyone with her old camera. Sarah was with Lux at her parents. Lucy took care of everything at the door while Keith helped and took care of refreshments. The place was packed. He just hoped it wasn't too many people. Perhaps they should have done this in the parking lot. But it was too late for that now.

Just as it was too late to tell Gage to get off the little stage. He was plenty high on the music or something. He danced around like some performance artist in his own world. Lite on his toes, bumping into Todd when ever he had a chance. Yet, Todd knew to roll with it. As it was, he seemed to be Gage's new best friend.

But they kept on. Allie did sing and it was grand and he was pleased that she'd helped out. Todd looked back out at the crowd which was mainly jumping than anything else. As he looked over the crazy crowd, he saw that guy Sage was with the night before. The tall guy. He was headed toward the stage. Except, he was dancing. Maybe.

Todd squinted hard. Maybe it wasn't really dancing. Ezra twitched, and then was pushing. Shoving. Harder. His body flinched. It was the strangest thing. It was if he'd gone mad. They had to stop the music.

"STOP." Todd scared himself as he spoke into the fat microphone. It was crazy. So crazy. He motioned for the lights to come up. "STOP THE MUSIC." But Ezra didn't stop as he shook. His hair in his face, his mouth. A jerk here. A flinch of the arms.

The crowd gave Ezra room to move as he flinched so until he was in the floor floundering.

Todd pulled off his guitar and got to Ezra.

"Someone, call 911." Todd looked to Lucy.

Ezra shook his head, no. He didn't want an ambulance.  He grabbed a hold of Todd's shirt. "It cost." Ezra breathed out the words.

Todd shook his head then. The guys in the band helped Todd get Ezra somewhere quiet. Upstairs.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a crazy way to end the night. I hope Ezra's okay. :/

ellie said...

Wow, that's one way to stop the party

Cuppykirsten said...

I hope he's fine... Not exactly the way you'd like a party to end...

With love, Kirsten

Erika said...

Wow, I hope nothing serious happens to Ezra @@ it sounds crazy


caitlin and megan said...

Oh my goodness!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Whoa, I hope he's alright!