Monday, October 17, 2011

here and back again

Sarah promised Casey she'd try to be Nina's friend, but as it was, they had to do everything...Nina's way.

Like meeting her grandmother.

"I really don't think Casey should be there." Nina informed Sarah. "It might confuse her."

"But its Casey who she's wanted to see." Sarah wouldn't go if Casey didn't come along too.

"What, do you not ..UNDERSTAND?" Nina was beginning to get on Sarah's nerves. A part of her wished she would have just gone..alone..for this trip. But as it was Nina knew Imogen.

Sarah guessed Nina new best since she was driving them over.

"So what did you say to her, when you called?" Sarah wanted to know.

"I just told her we were coming." Nina fluttered her lashes and pursed her lips as if it were Nina that Imogen really wanted to see.

"You said WE? She's expecting Casey." Sarah snapped with a huff.

"It doesn't matter." Nina told her.

Soon enough they were at the beautiful home. It was amazingly manicured. Sarah hadn't expected the old woman to be this rich.

"Where's Casey?" The old woman looked at them both as if she might call the police.

Leave it to Nina to explain all. Of course, Sarah could see Imogen didn't exactly trust her.

"I'm really sorry for the mix-up, but if its in consolation, Casey's been like a brother to me." Sarah told her. Finally, Imogen got a good look at Sarah. They came inside and she listened to Sarah tell her about her mother and Casey's mother.

Just as she finished up with the explanation and how she was eager to see pictures of her real father, Imogene said. "I still want to see Casey."


Crónicas de mi armario said...

Very nice blog!!!!

Gianella Peralta said...

That awkward moment when the host looks for someone else who's supposed to be in your place at that moment..

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awkwardness abound. They'll get it right. :/

ellie said...

I feel bad for Sarah. I hope she straightens it out.

My Daily Apparel said...

Bless Sarah :). Keep it up :D

Cloudy said...


PS: Thx as well for your lovely comment on my interview with SPELL means a lot to me as this interview was special for me.

Love from Germany, Cloudy x