Saturday, November 26, 2011

Before you know it

Well, the stove was still cold. No Sage about. Finally, Spencer turned on the oven about five and had things warming in the oven. He was a little stressed. Why had he said he'd have dinner here? There wasn't enough room for everybody. And there was the idea that he'd have nothing for Noah to eat. He was vegan.

Spencer paced around. What was he suppose to do? The doorbell rang, and Gage came out of nowhere and beat him to the door. Here he was acting like a kid again. He didn't even have on a shirt. Spencer looked at him as if he were mental, but gage kept smiling and opened the door.

"Its for me." Gage grinned. "I have a date too."

There was a stranger at the door. It was a guy too. Spencer swelled a frown. This blond was attractive too. What was going on?

"See, Manny had no where to go on Thanksgiving. You know, kind of Mary and Joseph on Christmas, but its Thanksgiving." Gage sighed innocently enough and shook Manny's hand. Of course, Manny looked about as confused as Spencer.

"Go put a shirt on." Spencer winced.

"Does it have to be longed sleeved?" Gage asked.

"Its Thanksgiving dinner. Wear something nice." He told him then.

"It could still be nice, without it being long sleeved? Right?" Gage winced.

"Whatever." He shooed Gage to get dressed. Spencer looked Manny over. "How did you meet Gage?"

"Grocery store." Manny was being mysterious. About then the others started arriving. Todd and Lucy and Casey even drove up with Sarah and Nina before he could close the door. Benny came in the back way with all sorts of pies from Village Inn.

"Don't suppose you'd have one in their for a vegan?" Spencer was getting as hyper as Gage who was going around putting name tags on everyone.

The doorbell rang again, but it was Allie and Cory. He turned around and saw Ezra come up from the basement. He was just in a wife beater and flannel pants. It was as if he was sneaking in for a snack just to hide in the basement again.

Here Spencer was left on his own to serve Thanksgiving dinner, and nothing for a vegan. He grabbed a bottle of wine then. At least Noah could have that.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a crazy Thanksgiving! :)

ellie said...

Poor Spencer. He must not know what to think of Gage, sometimes. We need to know more about Noah, too.

mazzy may said...

The troubles of the holiday!

molly said...

What a day for Spencer. Then Gage to have a date..hahahahaa..

Sara said...

Wow, what a holiday!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Haha Gage cracks me up! I hope they have something more than wine to give Noah :p thanks so much for your comment by the way!