Monday, November 28, 2011

a lot less noticable

It was a tight squeeze to sit around the table, but there was food and laughter and Allie went to sit in the livingroom with her food. Cory sat with her. He didn't feel like he was a part of the band or anything now. Sage still wasn't there. He asked if anyone had called her. No one thought too.

He knew he shouldn't be worrying about her, but some one should. Allie was ignoring him, as usual. He was at the point not to even ask anymore, what was the matter. Obviously, she didn't want to talk about it.

Finally, after he finished off a turkey leg, he went outside to call Sage. He guessed he still had her number.

"Where are you?" He left the message on her voice mail. Just as he was ready to turn off his phone, it lit up. Sage was calling back.

"God, am I missing Thanksgiving dinner?" She sounded a tad fretful.

"I think you have. I could fix you a plate." He told her.

"That's OK, I'm not really hungry." She sounded kind of sad.

"Why is that?" He knew how she was. She'd get her mind set on something and forget everything else.

"I finally get a car, I think it should be working and its still being a bitch. Why does everything work this way for me?" She sighed.

"Where are you?" He said he'd take a look at it. She told him to come on down. He grabbed one of the extra chocolate pies before he left. He remembered how she felt about chocolate.


ellie said...

Cory to the rescue.

mazzy may said...

Its nice to be needed.

molly said...

Cory is still sweet on her. But is it a little too late?

Sara said...

I dunno, I like Sage and Cory, but I feel bad for Allie :/

meg said...

I just hope Allie won't let Cory slip away.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Cory doesn't hurt Allie. :/

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

That's really sweet of him :)