Wednesday, November 30, 2011

breaking the code

It was just an accident meeting Sarah at the Thanksgiving dinner that Ezra planned to nix. Before he knew it, he was squished between Sarah and Nina, and he was terribly under-dressed for the affair.

But here he was now lost in Target with Sarah, shopping for deals. She'd asked him to go shopping on Black Friday.

"But I don't do Black Friday." He told her.

"Who doesn't do Black Friday?" It was a tradition in her family. "Besides, I made it through a stuffy dinner with my so called grandmother who can't stand me...its just, I deserve something fun and exciting now."

She'd talked him into it. He might as well have been wrapped around her finger. She was like the thick icing on the cake. And she was about the best company he'd met in a very long time.

But she was going to have a baby. He couldn't over look that. He didn't want her to over do it, either.

"Maybe, you need juice or something." He said now, thinking she had a load of DVD deals in the cart already. He could at least push the cart for her.

"I'm fine. I haven't had this much fun in ages." She was all smiles, holding on to the latest set of DVDs of Gossip Girl. And she was radiant. He guessed that was part of being pregnant, While he was watching her, some woman pushed her cart ahead and looked back at them.

"Is this your first?" She asked both of them.

Ezra couldn't help but crack into laughter. Did he look like he could be a father?

"Yes, its..its our first." Sarah told her as she eyed Ezra then. He cleared his throat.

"You two are the cutest." The woman told them.

"I'm cute?" Ezra didn't quite believe that as he said it under his breath. He looked at Sarah.

"What?" She winced at him.

He shrugged and moved on. It was not a good idea to start an argument with a pregnant woman.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Dropping the argument is definitely a good idea. :P

ellie said...

Oh. looks like things are perking up between these two.

Sara said...

Awww, that was sweet :)

meg said...

Oh they look fun together.