Saturday, November 12, 2011

over dinner

Ezra didn't know Sarah would mean 'catching up' instantly. She was waiting for him when he got off his shift. It was startling. He really wasn't much on class reunions or anything actually school related.

He'd been dragging all day, and when she told him she had a craving for egg rolls, he didn't know it would mean a whole meal. Actually, he wasn't sure he could pay for any of it.

"You haven't changed a bit." She told  him. He wanted to say the same about her, but evidently, there was something obviously different about her. He just didn't want to point it out.

"I didn't think you'd really remember me." They'd never exactly spoken to each other. There might have been that one time they looked over each others papers because the teacher said so. But that had been small talk and well, he really wasn't thinking that could be the basis of a friendship. "'re looking good." He blushed, thinking he really wondered if he should be here with her. What if she were married, and her husband thought...

"I just don't get out much. I know I should. I mean too, but its like I'm still in inmate mode, you know." Sarah told him all about her injustice. How she'd served around three months in prison. "It was so freaky. I was so depressed. I'm stuck with this."  She rubbed her baby bump. "Sorry," Sarah did her best to make light of her plight. "I really don't mean to be a downer. But you, you the Ezra I remember who always knew what you wanted to do. And you went for it."

"Not really." He suffered from some multiple episodes of epilepsy his last semester before he graduated at the music school. He never finished. Nothing was right since. He was even engaged before then, but it was all so much to handle. He really thought this was something he needed to go alone. So he had. It felt good to tell someone this. All the while he was ravished at the moment. It was wonderful to have such a hearty meal of egg drop soup, Kung Pao chicken and egg rolls, and it was good to see Sarah eat everything on her plate too.

"What do I owe you?" Hopefully, he could find some change in his pockets. He really wasn't expecting this.

"No, no, its on me." She promised as she paid for the meal.

"Then, I'll have to treat you, next time." But Ezra could hardly think there would be a next time.

"Where are you staying?" She wanted to know. He told her about Spencer's. And she smiled, telling him what a small world they lived in.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ezra should be more open to a possible friendship with her. :)

ellie said...

Hopefully, they'll be good for each other.

mazzy may said...

Maybe they just need to go out more...;)

Sara said...

I think something is happening here :)