Thursday, November 10, 2011

somewhere in the stacks

Sarah still wasn't sure if she'd talked to her Dad enough. He was being weird. He kept saying how much he adored Casey, but he couldn't tell him that.  It would just be silly, according to him.

"You two need to do things. Alone. You can't avoid him. He really needs you." Sarah escaped to the library then because she really didn't want to be there when Casey showed up at the house.

It had been awhile since she'd been there. First she had to check at the desk to see if her card even worked. It did. She had a fine. They'd kept her in the system. She'd returned her Jane Austen books late. That was over two years ago. She could hardly remember why she would need them now.

But what could she read? She went to the mysteries and began to look for Sue Grafton. Wasn't she in the mysteries? Of course, the space was cramped, and she bumped her butt into someone shelving books. Of course, the individual looked a tad dis-shoveled in his ratty sweater and old man pants. His hair fell around his eyes as if it were necessary to hide his soul.

"Sorry." But Sarah kept him in her corner eye view. He looked so familiar. Some one from high school, she guessed. "Didn't you go to some music school?" She asked. She saw his soulful eyes look her way. But he said nothing. He went back to sliding books in place.

"Maybe." He finally muttered.

"You just left. You know, and I-I didn't know what happened." They'd been in school together. "You were in my Junior English class."

He nodded as if he might have been.

"You really haven't changed much." She told him. He was closed mouth though. "Ezra, right?" She smiled. He almost did too. "We should catch up."


meg said...

This is sweet! ;)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm excited to see where this will lead to! :)

ellie said...

OK..can't wait for more.

mazzy may said...

OH MY..a new Casey. Like the banner too.

blue hearts said...

OOOh..I kind of like those 2 together.