Sunday, December 18, 2011

Maybe that's how I like it

The old man bugged him on several occasion to come down to the church.

"We really need you." He told Ezra. Of course, Ezra had avoided Horace at all cost, for the most part. Yes, he knew him, growing up. He'd practically taught Ezra every instrument to play. Mostly the horns and, of course the piano.

Ezra wanted to tell him that he knew someone else. He was not that Ezra, anymore. As it was, he felt as if he were different now. He'd been congenial back then. Now, Ezra didn't feel the need to do anything. Especially music.

"But it made you so happy." The old man was frail now. Ezra knew Horace wasn't in the best of health. Finally, he'd managed a few days ago to walk down to the old church. He expected more at the old rock building, or so Ezra thought. The place was so rundown. The church really wasn't much better than Horace. It was only a few blocks from Spencer's.

Naturally, Horace wanted to see if Ezra remembered how to do anything on the horns. Ezra couldn't help but smile. He said he didn't.

"Oh, just try." Horace coaxed.

Ezra sighed, and picked up the trumpet. He started with the major notes. It just about took all his breath. He knew he didn't have the stamina for it.

"But it was so good." Horace assured him. "I know you like to make noise. Always have."

Little by little the old man was getting to him, before he knew it, he'd been talked into helping with the Christmas music. It was funny how he saw Horace now. He was more than just a teacher. Maybe he was the mentor Ezra had been searching for.


Cafe Fashionista said...

A true Christmas miracle! :)

ellie said...

This is just what he needed!!

FWB said...

Aw, this was sweet.

meg said...

Aw, I'm glad he's doing this.