Tuesday, December 20, 2011

waiting for the wonderous light

All that was on Sage's mind was how to make pimento cheese spread. She thought all the ingredients were in the fridge. She'd came home from work alone. The snow melted and the rain came. It warmed up for a day, but it was getting colder now. Still she wanted a pimento cheese sandwich. It was strange, but it was a childhood memory. It was the only thing she actually remembered of her father. Not his face, perhaps his smile. His calloused fingers, and him making his homemade pimento cheese spread.

Honestly, she hadn't thought of of him or that kind of sandwich in forever. But she wasn't going to worry about the why. She would just make it. After all, her stomach was growling. She wasn't really thinking so much about the importance of food, lately. Well, of course, she wanted Gage to have a balanced diet. But he was still at the grocery store. Something about seeing the manager. She couldn't imagine what that could be about. Hopefully, he wouldn't get himself fired.

This past week, he'd moved up to being the cashier at the express lane. No one liked to check themselves out at their store in the self checkout, so they'd returned with the express lane.

So as soon as she got home she went straight to the fridge and found the cheese and the jar of pimentos. They weren't soured yet, so she went to work shredding and chopping, and then came the Miracle Whip. Instantly, she imagined her Dad. Everything was better with Miracle Whip, according to him.

Of course, she couldn't eat the white bread sandwich quick enough as she savored each bite. She choked it down with some cold brewed tea. Maybe she needed to worry about herself for a while, instead of Gage. After all, he was usually in another world. He liked game shows, America's Funniest videos and especially that Drew Carry show with the improv actors. These were things that finally made him happy, and it made her smile because she thought he was going to make it somehow, after all.

Finally, after she finished up her quick lunch she went down to her room to see if their were any dirty clothes to wash, but as soon as she got there she saw that her closet door was shut. She always left it open. How could she not smell trouble. But nothing was stolen. She jerked the closet door open to shed some light on the situation.

Not that she was exactly scared of monsters, but it was dark. Still, she dove in with both fists and pulled out the culprit, immediately.

"Well, if this isn't a peculiar surprise." Her grip had him tight around the collar as she pulled him right out of the closet. It was easy to put a choke hold on him. She'd done so without a second thought.. Sometimes, she didn't know her own strength. "What are you doing here, Cory?"

But she didn't wait for an answer, she choked harder. Immediately, it was hard to relax because she was going on a silent instinct. It was like a personality she usually kept in check. Sage didn't often share this information with just anyone. Sage could be very bad, if she had to be. Finally, she threw him to the floor.

He could barely breathe. A part her wished she'd let him pass out, but she didn't want a dead guy in her room, either.

Sage sighed.

"What the hell!" He winced hard.

"Well, that makes two of us." She squinted in disgust. "Don't fuck'n scare me." Her fists were ready and if he came any closer, she put him right back on the floor. Yet Sage felt her body quiver as if she was so cold. The depth of it would not let go of her.

"I just wanted to see you." He rubbed his neck. "I want us to go away, together. Just you and me." Cory got up, squinting hard as if she really had hurt him.

Sage rolled her eyes. "I'm beginning to see the pathetic side of you." She remained calm as she looked at him indifferent. "How could you do this to Allie?" Sage scowled. "She needs you now, more than she ever did. And you think its OK to walk away."

"Well, she's not exactly on the up and up with me, you know." He glared at her then.

"You just have to give her time, all right. She..she has a lot to think about. How do you know how all this was for her? Maybe she had to do what she had to do, to survive. Maybe she has all these feelings she can't even handle. You have to go back." She ordered.

"No." Cory scowled.

"Yeah, its the right thing to do. If she means anything to you, then.." Sage shook her head. "Look, when I saw her..with you...I loved you more...I did. Because, you weren't some guy who was with some cookie cutter girl. And I know she hates me, I'm sorry she does, but I think she's great. And if you, you walk out now, then you really aren't at all who I thought you were." She hugged herself tight, imaging the damage she could have caused. She gritted hard as she felt light headed. She really didn't want to harm him. She didn't. But maybe he'd stay away for good now.


meg said...

Maybe she's a secret assassin!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sage is definitely a feisty one. :P

ellie said...

Oh, Cory, he doesn't know how lucky he is.

Sara said...

Wow, Cory, that was creepy!

Gianella Peralta said...

I like Pimiento Cheese spread too! And just the same, I don't know how to make one. Haha!

Anonymous said...

She got him good!

mazzy may said...

She's got mad skills!