Thursday, December 22, 2011

the wonder of it

Gage was on cloud nine. He was good with numbers. The manager was looking for a new accountant. He gave Gage a story problem to solve. And he did it. He wasn't exactly sure how he did it, but it seemed.... he caught on to percentages an spread sheets. It was wild in his head. Kind of like a drug, maybe. He didn't know how it exactly happened, but it did. And for the first time in his life, he guessed he'd been blessed.

He couldn't wait to let Sage know. Some big doors were finally opening up for him. Not only did he get offered a better and bigger paying job, they'd offered to help him take some college courses he needed too. Seriously, he didn't know that kind of thing existed, but obviously it did.

Gage didn't care how cold it was outside, he sprinted the way home. Watching for cars along the way, not wanting to get hit by bus or some other strange thing. No, he hoped Sage would be just excited as he was. It was Christmas and they needed to start celebrating, now.

But the house was so quiet and the lights were off. The washing machine wasn't even going. He called for her, but she didn't call back. Gage supposed he could get annoying.. He knew he annoyed the hell out of Spencer. Really, he wanted to stop doing that, but sometimes, he couldn't help himself.

Finally, he crept down the stairs and there she was in the basement, alone in the shadows of the evening, sitting on her bed. She looked so sad. He'd never seen her like this. For a moment he wondered if someone zapped Sage right out of this shell that looked as if her world, already ended.

"What happened?" Instantly, he felt bad for her as he sat next to her. There was so much good he wanted to share with her, but she looked worried, stung with tears.

"I don't belong here." Her voice cracked.

"That can't be true." He whispered in her ear. He was so close, yet she seemed so far away. His arm slipped around her. Gage couldn't let her turn invisible. Finally, he felt what he'd only wondered about. She needed him. She did.

Her head moved to his shoulder as he drew her in. It felt right to be here. Maybe it was like watching the peacefulness of the stars at night.


ellie said...

hummm..things might be changing.

Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY, a different kind of suspense going on here?????

FWB said...

So unexpected.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! That's a twist I didn't expect. :/

ana jorge said...

awww , thank you so much !

meg said...

I'm still shocked over this.

molly said...

This made me smile.

Chelsea Lane said...

love this writing!