Saturday, December 24, 2011

star of wonder

   I call you
From the comet's cradle
I found you
Trembling by yourself
When the night falls
Lightly on your right-wing shoulder
Wonderful know-it-all
Slightly where the night gets colder

Nina couldn't wait a second longer. It was time. And she wanted to have the perfect Christmas with her folks and Casey. Naturally, Sarah wasn't invited. She didn't care what happened to Sarah this Christmas.

Truth be told, Nina was green with envy when it came to Sarah. It didn't matter if Casey thought of her as his sister. She was still his ex,  pregnant and single. No way was Sarah squeezing into their Christmas.

As it was there was actually something else on Nina's mind. She unwrapped the package in the bathroom. It was a pregnancy test. Hopefully, this was going to be her best Christmas ever.

Oh, conscience,
Where will you carry me?
I found you
Star of terrifying effigies
When the night falls
I carry myself to the fortress
Of your glorious cost
Oh, I may seek your fortress

Sarah called everyone she knew when she found out that Ezra was helping with the Christmas program at church. It was by accident that she found out at the library. One of the older clerks there told her about Ezra's luck. As it was, he wouldn't even speak of it to her. So she along with Todd and Lucy were going to surprise him. She could hardly wait to see the program.

Of course, when they got to the old church, he was nowhere in sight. She supposed he was a behind the scenes kind of guy. But soon came the children and bells, along with other noises. Sarah couldn't believe the music. Really, it was quite loud. But their were voices heard. An energy all on its own. It felt like Christmas now.

When the night falls
We see the star of wonder
Wonderful night falls
We see you
We see you

 Cory found the last Christmas tree down at the grocery store. He loaded it up and went home with it. And as sad as he felt, he put the Christmas tree up in fresh water and went to find his grandmother's old decorations. Finally, Allie saw what was happening, and she to joined in the silence. Maybe it would be a good Christmas, after all.

I see the stars coming down there
Coming down there to the yard
I see the stars coming down there
Coming down there to my heart 

 Sage hoped they weren't late for Ezra's program. She helped dress Gage. It was as if something else was on his mind. She couldn't help but smile. Maybe if he ate another sugar cookie, it wouldn't look so obvious. But she knew just how good he was at keeping secrets. Not very good.

But she didn't make him promise anything. Perhaps her smile was just as bad at keeping secrets.

*Star of Wonder by Sufjan Stevens


Cafe Fashionista said...

I love the lyrics you used here - beautiful! :)

ellie said...

I wonder if they can keep a secret???

mazzy may said...

Wow, I wonder what's next????

Anonymous said...

So many things happening. Sage and gage are adorable.

Lily said...

Thank you very much :D

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So many new and exciting things happening here..Wow!

ivy said...

Thanks, guys! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

Ben and Molly said...

Thanks! Can't wait for more!

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I really really really liked the lyrics here, maybe you could do that again (:

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Wow, a great Christmas for everyone!