Tuesday, December 6, 2011

not long ago

Damn, if it wasn't Cory who got the old car running. Declan wasn't at all enthused with Cory as Sage was.

True, she worked most of Thanksgiving on the thing, and Cory drops by with a pie.... wiggles a few things on the engine and it sounded brand new.

Declan watched from a distance. They got along perfectly well. Sage gave Cory a hug. Before he knew it, they were all in the car, and she drove it back to where she lived. Declan sat in the back seat with his arms crossed. He didn't know what to think. Sage was his girl, but they were laughing about something that happened over the summer when they were together.

"Just how together were you two, over the summer?" He had to know, later in her room. Declan wasn't going anywhere.

"He's just a friend." She patted down a place next to her. "We worked together."

"So is ..is he like a work husband?" Declan squinted.

"A work husband?" Then she laughed as if that was so funny. "No."

"I think he is." Declan nodded.

Sage rolled her eyes.

"God, he's never kissed me." She smiled at him. "If that's what you're asking?"

Declan remained somber as he looked at her, waiting to see if it would happen. He could will it, but he had to let her decide. He wanted it to happen, again. He wanted her to want him.

Finally it was a stare down. The waiting seemed endless, and the room was so cold. He kissed her cheek, and her lips were on his before he knew it. That gave him something to smile about.


ellie said...

Declan might put up a fight for her.

mazzy may said...

That was a very interesting conversation about Cory.

Sara said...

Oh I hope that Sage isn't playing games.

Gianella Peralta said...

I can't quite get over the term Work Husband. It's so cute! :))

lucia m said...


love it


Cafe Fashionista said...

I can't wait to see where this is going! :)