Friday, December 30, 2011

out of the darkness

Sarah wanted to go home. Preferable read a book. Why woudn't anyone give her, her iPod here at the hospital?

Of course, her lower back was in fits of spasms that shot all the way down her inner thighs. She felt almost paralyzed.

When her water broke, like a never ending gushing spot, at home in her own room, her father went running to get her mother. And now they were here. Still the pain was horrible. She'd never experienced anything like it. She'd cried so much. Told them how much she hated Craig. Always would. She ratted on him the first three hours and then Lucy took a shift of holding her hand. Again, she lived and breathed her agony as if this was all Craig's fault. He was evil and wicked and possibly a psycho. Then she had the story to share with Todd.

"Who? Who is it, that you want?" Todd asked as she gripped his hand every time she gnashed her teeth when the pain would strike.

"I want Ezra." It was barely a wimpier when she said it. She thought of him. "He's mad at me, you know. I'm really not trying to change him. I'm not." She wept then. If only he were here. She tried to focus on Ezra. Thinking of his music, all that ordinary noise becoming a quaint sound. His smile. Even his scruffiness.

If they could be anywhere but here. Maybe in the great wide open. A plush landscape. Hills in the background. Like the sound of music. She breathed easy then. She was with Ezra and they were on horseback. A fairytale perhaps. But still she basked in the warmth of it, as if it could happen. Maybe.

But it was just a dream. The pains came back. The nightmare set in.

"I don't want to do this, anymore." She felt the pool of sweat and tears rimming her eyes. Sarah bet she looked pretty awful.

"I'm afraid, its really not about you, anymore." She blinked. There was Ezra. "It'll be all right." His hand was in hers. He wore the scrubs that all wore for the duration of this family journey.

It was a relief to know he was here.

"You don't hate me, do you?" Just her luck Todd made him, do this somehow.

"Just be calm." His fingers touched her damp forehead. "Stop using that word. Hate. You don't need it, anymore." His lips touched her forehead, and she laughed. Another spasm shot through her, but this time it didn't hurt so bad.


Florence said...


and LOL at Robert Pattinson, he's HOT!

ellie said...

Maybe Ezra knows best.

Ben and Molly said...

It would be a very trying time.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope he's right. :/

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he's there for her.