Sunday, January 1, 2012

without a question

Jake was a New Years baby. Of course, Sarah spent most of New Year's eve in labor.

Casey agonized over this. Sure, he was happy as the next guy to find out he was going to be a new father. Nina kept reminding him every minute practically. But to see it really happening.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He was puzzled now. It was possibly the wrong thing to say. Sarah's baby was beautiful. He looked a lot like her. But to see her in so much pain and agony. He was dreading that part with Nina.

"I could have C-section." She sounded like she could make an appointment for it, right now.

"It doesn't work that way." Casey reminded her. This was a big responsibilities on so many levels. She reminded him this all the time from the way he dressed, how he didn't pick up after himself and of course, how he talked. "You've got a lot to do, too."

She needed to worry about her diet. What about exercise? If they wanted the best for their baby, then now would be good to start.

Of course, his Dad was thrilled that another grandbaby was on the way. He was handing out candy cigars to anyone who would take one.

"Sarah says she doesn't want to come home with us." Her mother announced the revelation to the crowd that gathered in the waiting room.

"Where's she gonna go?" Casey was in total shocked. She'd been with her parents for the duration of her pregnancy. She'd given up her apartment.

"Its all Ezra's doing." Her mother pointed out, as if he alone was taking Sarah and the baby away from all of them.

"Where?" Casey winced.

"To Spencer's." It sounded dreadful.

Casey just laughed. He did know why. He knew Sarah was afraid her mother might raise the baby her mother's way, and Sarah wanted to make sure she did what she wanted with the baby. After all, the baby was Sarah's.


Sara said...

Good decision for them :)

ellie said...

I gotta wonder how this will shape up with Spencer.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, what a wonderful idea for the New Year! :)

mazzy may said...

I hope Ezra is ready for this?

molly said...

A big decision. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Wow some big changes in the works!

meg said...

This will be so interesting.