Tuesday, January 3, 2012

just suppose

"Its gonna be all right." Gage found himself saying to Sage. Although, maybe he was just saying it to himself. No, he was saying it to her. He believed it. However, she was so quiet now. And he wondered what was on her mind. It couldn't be a mistake. It couldn't be. Could she change her mind about him, so easily?

A part of him wanted to believe it was some sort of magic. But it wasn't that exactly. This was real, and he felt it with every little moment with her. He felt it when she wasn't even there. This was more than icing on the cake. This was the start of a new beginning, and he hoped she didn't think he'd taken it so blithely. But it was true, she made him happy. He couldn't help it. OK, so he might have been silly over the notion that she could be with him. Yet, he needed to be serious now. He wanted to be, but this surge of happiness over took him at times. Gage wanted to make this right. Whatever it was he'd done wrong. He couldn't believe it being just sex with Sage. No, it was more. So much more.

He helped her back at the house change the bedding on his bed. She'd pushed all his things into a box or two. He didn't have much. Still she was silent. Her nature was to have everything straighten and clean. She vaccumed the place as if he were moving out permanently. The closet was empty now. All his clothes on hangers were scooped away and down in the basement.

The room was ready for Sarah and Ezra.

"What did I do?" He wished she'd talk. This was a fight of some kind, he guessed, as he watched her look around the room as if something was missing.

"Its not you." She finally looked at him.

"But its not you, either." He winced.

"No." She sighed as if she was too miserable for company. "I dunno what to do...about Declan." She bit her thumb nail to the quick.

"Oh." Gage honestly hadn't thought about him. He could be off on a boat somewhere, as far as he was concerned. Like Spencer. It didn't really matter, until now. "Just..just be honest." That was always, best, wasn't it?

She pressed her lips tight, as if she might start to cry.

"Damn," She held under her breath. "We need a crib." Her voice cracked.

Gage blinked staring at the bed that looked a lot better than that striped comforter he used to have on the bed.

"For what?" He winced.

"For the baby." Sage looked at him.

Gage didn't know exactly what she was talking about. But did this mean what he thought it meant? Sage wanted a baby? He smiled, thinking that was a great idea.


Gianella Peralta said...

Happy New Year! Continue writing your story, I'm sure there are a lot of us out there who enjoy reading it :)

ellie said...

Sometimes, I wonder how Gage's mind thinks.

mazzy may said...

I think he'd stay true to her.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gage is definitely not thinking on the same wavelength as Sage. :/

meg said...

Sometimes I wonder about Gage.

Sara said...

I am not sure about Sage and a baby thing....hrmmm...