Thursday, January 5, 2012

and then

Declan waited all Christmas to hear from Sage. Nothing.

He'd worked Christmas eve and Christmas day. She was nowhere. He'd called. Left her messages. It was as if she didn't care.

He'd gotten her a locket that he shouldn't have. It was a gold heart, as if he were giving her his own. And he moped about for sometime. Of course, no one would ask if he were hurt or ailing. Because no one ever asked anything of him. But he didn't eat, most of the week. Although, he got the nerve up, to investigate a little. First it was casual. He'd walk by the house where Sage lived. Perhaps she really was on vacation, of some kind. No one seemed to know, other than some time off.

Then he managed to let himself in, the back way. It looked as if no one was home. But the car was in the garage. Declan looked for other signs. Although, he didn't get past the kitchen. No, he'd stood still as if he might be an appliance or a piece of fruit. And waited.

He almost ran when the fridge made a noise as if a bird might be stuck inside. His heart finally calmed. And then he heard it. Just a soft murmur. A bit of laughter. A part of him wished it was a fairytale. Maybe even elves at play, but he knew what he heard, and he knew he had to get away fast, before he made an ass of himself.

Declan cried for days, afterwards. New Years was coming and he was all alone. What in the world would he do with himself now?

If he were not here, no one would miss him, he knew. Yet, what was the point, feeling sorry for himself. He knew there were others, really sick. And the only place he knew to go..was the Children's Hospital.

The kids found him funny there. Declan didn't have to do much, be there in the ward where all the little ones who could, came to play. It was there Declan met Manny.

"Hey, I can't believe you're here." Manny said. He was holding Angie, all dolled up in a Santa outfit.

Declan looked at him wide eyed. He wasn't sure what Manny was talking about.

"We found a match." Manny sounded like that was the best Christmas present ever.

"That's great." Declan smiled as if he understood why Manny was so happy. Only, it wasn't until he walked away, on his way home that he saw in his messages on his cell. Declan was the match.


Ben and Molly said...

I feel so sad for Declan. But I'm glad he could help, though.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! What incredible news! :)

meg said...

I'm so glad Declan could help.

Sara said...

Go Declan! Sorry about Sage tho :(

mazzy may said...

Poor Declan. But I'm glad he can help Manny.

molly said...


Well, I'm glad Declan is a better person, after all.

DailyGlamour said...

yes so sad