Sunday, January 15, 2012

back with a vengence

Perhaps, something bad blew in with the wind, aside from the snow.

Spencer witnessed the strangest thing on the morning he came home. There sat a squirrel staring at the tree, out front. Usually, in this kind of weather, the squirrel would be deep in the tree, staying warm. Spencer stared at the varmint wondering what it meant. It was cold, and the snow was restless in the wind. He hurried in with this suitcase. Noah didn't stay. He didn't even get out of the car. Maybe, that was what was strange.

He thought they had a good time. Seemed too. They really did get along. On the beach, in the sea. Even got a tattoo with each other's name on their shoulder. It had to be serious? It must be. Or so he imagined.

Of course, he came in to the livingroom. The TV was on. Guess who was parked in front of it, eating Honey-Nut Cheerios? Spencer had to wonder if Gage did anything else, but eat and watch TV. He sighed as he took a turn to wheel his suitcase down to his room, but before he could get there, Sarah came out of the bathroom holding a tiny baby who's eyes were looking around as if he was here to take in the whole new world.

"Who's that?" Spencer took a step back. Was he in the right place? Was this his place? And Ezra was in the bathroom with Sarah. He looked at them both as if this was the strangest thing he'd ever seen in his life.

"So?" Gage still had a mouth full of cereal in his mouth. "How was it? Did you break up with that dude?"

"What?" Now that was a laugh, but Spencer scowled at him. "NO. That dude's name is Noah."

"Yeah, that dude."  Gage scowled back as if Noah must be the worst. "What do you see in him? He's a vegan, for God's sake."

Spencer cleared his throat. He'd ignore that from Gage. He looked back at Sarah and Ezra in the doorway with the wee little thing she was holding. "Would you mind? Telling me, what..what's going on?"

"Oh yeah!" Gage grinned then. "Sarah had her baby. This is Jake." Gage pointed his spoon at him.

Spencer gave a deep sigh. He wanted to scream at Gage, but he couldn't. It would look bad. Especially, in front of the baby and the baby's mother.

"You don't mind, do you?" Sarah looked at Spencer. "I'm gonna pay rent. Honest, we'll both pay, you." Sarah smiled at Ezra then who was leaning over her shoulder, cooing with the baby.

Spencer nodded. Not sure he could handle it. Being here with a baby. He just didn't do babies. Honestly.

"Well." He was thinking of calling Noah. Immediately.

"Don't call Noah." Gage glared at Spencer, pointing his cereal spoon at him. "I don't trust him. I don't care how much your brother likes him. I can't stand him. He's all wrong for you."

Spencer winced wondering where was this was coming from. Spencer kept listening to the silence. What was the purpose of even being here? Sure he owned the place, but maybe..maybe he should move in with Noah, just like Noah suggested.

But the wind kept gusting. It was getting colder. The snow was blowing. A crack came from outside and a noise of a sad scrape that sounded more like a cry was heard. Everyone went to see what happened outside from the livingroom bay window. The big fat tree out front with its winter skeleton limbs crashed on Spencer's car. It was as if even he elements were against him, too.


ellie said...

What a sight to come home to.

meg said... the tree..and Gage too.

Anonymous said...

What is going. On with Gage ?

Cuppykirsten said...

I always love visiting your blog and immediatly looking into Robert Pattinson's eyes, then read your stories!

With love, Kirsten

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such horrible luck. :/

FWB said...

Poor Spencer. The unluckist..ever.

Natalie said...

It's such a contrast from the beginning, a small squirrel out on a tree, to the end. . . a horribly wrecked car.

Sara said...

Wow, wonder what is going on with Gage?