Friday, January 13, 2012

stumbling in the dark

Honestly, Ezra was playing it by ear. He hadn't a thought in his head, what might be next. Yet, contentment was setting in. Only, he'd never slept with anyone in an awful long time(Sage was the exception, but that was more of a one time sleepover that didn't mean anything). He felt he was a loner, at heart. And to have not only the baby in his room, there was Sarah too. He couldn't even imagine how it might be.

There were a lot of questions he wanted to ask Sarah. Like what side of the bed did she sleep on? Soon enough, he figured out, it was the side near the baby's crib. All were resting, and he thought possibly, he should just stay on the couch.

"Why would you do that?" Gage almost winked. As it was, a cold wind rolled in. Snow was on the way. "Trust me, you just need to hibernate."

Ezra did his best to take it easy. He helped clean up the kitchen after everyone left. He wasn't needed at the library until tomorrow and Ezra guessed their were less hours to work now at the grocery store. After all, he was just a stock boy. Yet, Ezra felt lost, somehow. It was beginning to make him wonder where he should really be.

"You should go to bed." Now Sage got after him.

"I-I-need to wash up, first." He nodded as if he was afraid he'd wake them. Then what? He took his time. Found some flannel pajamas in the hall closet. After a long hot shower, he was exhausted. It wouldn't take much to put him to sleep. So he tip-toed in and sneaked under the covers. He'd never felt this warm before. Especially, at this time of night. It was as if slumber set in automatic. But the next thing he knew the lamp was on and the baby was fussing.

"What time is it?" He squeezed his eyes tight. Ezra could barely move.

"Some time after two." Sarah told him. She changed Jake's pamper, and they got situated in the rocking chair next to the crib.

Ezra cracked one eye open to get a peak. Yeap, it was private. He hid under the covers, turned away. Thinking he should do something. Sarah snapped off the lamp light. It was dark again. But he missed her in bed. He really did, as he slid one foot over to the warm spot where she'd been. He slid it back. No way was he going to start hogging the bed. No, he'd wait. Stay calm. But the wind sounded like an ocean with choppy waters.

Ezra shivered. Just half asleep. He didn't want to fall asleep. He needed to be awake when Sarah was, but somehow, he couldn't fight it. He hoped she wouldn't be mad at him.


Ben and Molly said...

He's such a guy.

ellie said...

I am wondering how it will evolve...with these two.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Love is in the air. :P

FWB said...

Oh, so sweet. He's so shy.

molly said...

Hoping for the best.

DailyGlamour said...

thanks sweety