Thursday, January 19, 2012

something like a movie

"There is something very French about him." Sage sounded serious when she spoke of Gage.

Sarah could barely suppress a giggle. It was the strangest conversation she'd ever had with anyone. She was finally having breakfast at three in the afternoon. Sage made Sarah an omelet. Ezra was at the library and Gage was at the grocery store. Someone was giving Spencer an estimate about the damages in the yard.

"Is he French?" Sarah asked.

"I don't think so." Sage shrugged. "What I mean is? Its like I walked into a French movie or something. He's so.." Sage looked over at Sarah. " really wouldn't want to know. I think he did say something in French though...But this...I dunno, what came over him, about Spencer."

"He definitely doesn't like Noah." Sarah smiled as she watched the cheddar cheese ooze from the egg dish. There were hashbrowns on the side. Sarah had to admit, Sage was a pretty good short order cook.

"Maybe, maybe..he's remembering. He says he doesn't." Sage looked frustrated. "What if it all comes back? Where do I fit all of this?"

"He seems pretty devoted to you." Sarah knew Gage listened to her.

Sage nodded.

"So, so everything is going OK, you and..and Jake?" Sarah knew Sage wanted to ask about Ezra.

"Yeah, I'm tired." She knew things couldn't be a perfect family with her and Ezra. Not just yet. But maybe in time. Yet, she really felt close to Ezra. She'd never felt quite this close to anyone she'd ever met. And it was so different. She couldn't explain it. Maybe she'd walked into her own movie too. She couldn't tell where she was in the movie yet. Possibly, somewhere near the beginning.


meg said...

I like this..about a movie..Hopefully, things are a sweet beginning for Sarah and Ezra.

Holly said...

Wow, what is she trying to say about Gage? hahaha..

It is Sarah thinking of Ezra as the beginning of a new movie. Lets hope it a good long movie.

Sara said...

I like them being friends :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a wonderful beginning! :)

W. said...

I really liked their conversation.