Saturday, January 21, 2012

twist and turns

"I guess you must be pretty happy, about Angie." Declan finally mentioned to Gage at the grocery store. It took him a long time to get the nerve up to talk to Gage. After all, Declan was on the floor putting up displays, and at the end of the week he was taking some time off for the procedure at the hospital. Of course, he wondered what he'd do, once it was over and he was alone. Not that it really mattered, but still. Well, there was no one to check up on him. And he wouldn't ask anything of Sage.

"Angie?" First Gage looked at him as if he didn't know any Angie, but then there was a certain recognition. "What about her?"

"They found a match."

"Nobody, told me." Gage looked stunned. Maybe hurt. "What is it with that brother of mine? Mannie never tells me anything. He won't even tell me what..what I was know.."

"Well, I'm ..I'm the match." Declan thought he should know. He guessed.

"That's great." Gage gave him a slap on the back as if he were the best friend in the world. "You're really gonna do it?"

Declan nodded.

"That's so awesome." Gage grinned. "Wow." That's when Gage told him about his accounting classes that the company were paying for. The new year was turning out to be awesome. Or so Gage, said.

"Yeah, just..just awesome." Declan envied him, though. A lot.

"Its just..this one thing..."

"What?" Declan couldn't imagine what Gage might have on his mind. Was it something about Sage? Was that not working out?

"Its Spencer." Gage was deep in thought. "This Noah, he's seeing. I dunno. I gotta wonder if he's just...I can't explain it. I can't stand the guy." Gage winced. "Do you know anybody gay..I dunno. Its just..."

"What?" Declan didn't get it. "Well..uh..I know..someone." He didn't know if it really counted. "He works here."

"Really?" Gage's gay-dar was certainly turned off.

"Yeah, people get you two mixed up, all the time." Declan was not a liar.


"Um, he works in produce. River." Declan didn't think they looked all that much alike. Just the curls. River had a mad head of dark blond curls, except he was from Quebec.


meg said...

A guy named River. Now this might interesting.

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a strange twist. :/

ellie said...

I seriously want to know more about River.

Lux and Stan said...

Wow. Just wow.

Ben and Molly said...

Such a strange conversation. & even more interesting to find Gage's so called Doppelganger.

molly said...

I wonder how this'll turn out.

Sara said...

Mmm, You know I like guys named River(s) ;)