Monday, January 23, 2012

just that little matter

"Just listen to me. Listen to me, Spencer." Noah grabbed Spence's thin shoulders. He'd came to Spencer's house to check on him. "You, have to calm down."

Truth be told, Noah wanted to take Spencer far from here. This little place was a whole lot of drama, and Noah didn't do drama. They were fine, off on their own. Of course, Spencer had never been that far from home, and it showed. But Noah wasn't going to dwell on the fact. Honestly, they were from completely different worlds.

He'd always been the type, where he really didn't know much difference between his lovers and friends. Not that Noah missed the party-life. Even that was getting old. And meeting Spencer was a bit of fresh air. For starters, Spence didn't smoke and he really did love Noah's style, artistically speaking. And Spencer hadn't been with that many people.

"Look, you are getting a new car. Your insurance is paying for it. You have to look on the positive side. Quit being on the negative." Noah grinned. Possibly, Spencer was a bit of a drama queen. And Noah couldn't stand all those people at his house. "Its going to be fine." Noah's fingers spread across Spencer's face as he looked into his sweet eyes. Noah was determined he would be the best lover Spencer ever had. Spencer needed him. It was just he needed him to get out of this little world he was in. Spencer belonged to him.

"Look, why..why don't you stay with me." Noah advised it would all be better if he moved in with him.

"I just don't know." Spencer looked troubled. He couldn't imagine it was just the tree that killed his car. It must be more. It must be.

"Talk to me? Tell me? What is it?" Noah wanted Spencer's full attention. After all, wasn't Spencer in love with him?


HailesHeartsFashion said...

Hey I am now following you! I have some catching up to do? Where is best to start in this story? :)


ellie said...

Noah is certainly trying to persuade someone.

meg said...

Oh, Noah. But I'd take it slow if I were with Noah, too.

W. said...

I do wonder what's on Spencer's mind.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Spencer, Spencer, Spencer... :/

Florence said...

ohhhh wow interesting read!