Sunday, February 12, 2012

mixed thoughts

"What did you think of him?" Lucy wanted to know. She was pretty much put off with these new people, around, lately. First there was Ezra to get used to. And Gage with this mouse of a girl now.

Lucy did eat at the dinner. This Sage knew her way around the kitchen, but was Sage really up for someone like Gage? Lucy was trying to put it out of her mind. But it was weird. Of course, she kept her distance from Gage. He didn't say a word to her, in fact. He looked the other way. It seemed to her.. he was smitten by this River.

"Do you think he's gay?" She asked Todd about River now as they were getting ready for their little outing to some out of the way bar where Cory and Allie were doing some acoustic thing together. It was last minute. Seems the band that was suppose to show got snowed in, in Denver.

"Yes. I guess. Not that I care, either way." Todd was bundling Lux up. Sarah's mother said she'd watch Lux and Jake. "Why does it bother you?" He looked at her as if he wished not to have this conversation with her.

"It doesn't." But it did. What if Gage was changing? What if? She bit her upper lip from discussing anymore. What if this was all her fault? Gage falling back into his old ways.

"We'll probably never see River, again. Unless, you are looking for fresh melons, you know." He reminded her  River worked at the grocery store. Only, she didn't get out much.

Lucy was a recluse, lately. It took a lot out of her to get ready for this outing. Lucy really kept to Lux, lately. And she read so many Harlequin romance.

Lucy kept up with her classmates on Facebook, too. They were all in college now. Practically. Some off to Europe. It was quite depressing. Lucy didn't even have a page. Lucy posted stuff for the band, but it was practically advertizing. Lucy wondered what any of her classmates must think of her. It seemed she would have been more than this. She didn't want a brag page about Lux.  She felt sad that she didn't.

Lucy pulled on her boots. Pulled on another layer of clothing. It was the dead of winter now. Really, all she wanted to do was to have Todd's arm around her, hug him close. Or she might lose that too. With that thought, Lucy peeled off what she'd just put on.

"What are you doing?" Todd winced.

"How about quickie?" She smiled as if he needed to see how fast he could get undressed.

"But..we only have 15 minutes-"

She smirked as if it were a dare.

"She'll get so this." He looked back at Lux, all in quilted pink.

Lucy taunted him with a silly smile.

Todd pulled Lux out of her snow suit, put her back in her crib and turned on her musical carrousel. Perhaps there was time.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Lux is such a sweetie! :)

ellie said...

The things Todd puts up with. But I think he wants to be wanted.

Sara said...

Haha, I like them together :)

molly said...

Oh, those last minute moments...make everything better!

meg said...

Its so great she wants to be close to him.

W. said...

Well, the chemistry is obviously, still there.

FWB said...

I'm glad Lucy is trying to keep what she has. I think she wants him, too.

Alysha said...

Ahahaha "Perhaps there was time,"

Love that quote. I like them together :) They're cute

Anonymous said...

I like you writing.