Tuesday, February 14, 2012

say the words I can't say

Sarah guessed she'd resented her Mom enough. It was nice of her to have Jake for a few hours. But as it was, Sarah wasn't sure what to do with herself, without a baby practically attached her. Of course, her Mom didn't believe in breast feeding, and was certain that Sarah was Jake's pacifier.

"She means, well." Ezra told Sarah later when they got to the coffee house. He bought roses for her for Valentines Day, and they met up with Todd and Lucy at the place where Cory and Allie would perform.

"You're late." Sarah informed them. After all, she and Ezra were the first ones there to listen to the set. It was sweet romantic tunes. A nice way to spend the evening with friends.

Lucy said she had a hair emergency. Sarah didn't believe her. Her hair was its usual rat's nest.

"You two won't even stay for the whole thing. You'll leave early so you can have some alone time." Sarah teased. Lucy only smirked and Todd kept a chuckle to himself.

Gage and Sage came with Spencer. Actually, Sage took her car because Spencer still didn't have one.

"So where's your friend?" She asked Sage, who looked around, without a clue.

Finally Allie announced she was dedicating her next song to Declan. "He's not here. He's in the hospital. Hopefully, he'll be home soon."

"What's wrong with him?" Sarah didn't know. Sage told her about Allie's daughter. Suddenly, Sarah felt really bad for Allie. Sarah hadn't meant to be so oblivious with everything going on, but she'd been pretty much wrapped up in her own little world these days with Jake. She took Ezra's hand, hoping he didn't think she was neglecting him.

He only smiled, and they listened to Allie sing.

"Every time I see you falling...I get down on my knees and pray...I'm waiting for that final moment...You'll say the words that I can't say."-frente


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a sweet moment for them all! :)

Gianella Peralta said...

It's Valentines Day and I can't help but be envious! I wish someone would sing for me as well :P

meg said...

Sweet times. I'm glad they care about Declan.

simon and josh said...

Aw, wish Declan was there, but hope all is well for him at the hospital.

skins again said...

Happy V Day! I love the Frente song!

Stephanie said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Eternally yours,