Friday, February 24, 2012

with a bolt of blue

"Are you crazy?" Cory wondered if Allie waited until the very last minute to tell him this. "You seriously, want Manny and the baby to move in here?" He waited for an answer. "With us?"

She nodded.

"And..and I'm suppose to be OK with this?" He definitely wasn't smiling.

"I'm sorry, but she needs a home. Not a motel room. And..and if this works out..maybe..." She tensed then as she went to check on the cookies in the oven.

"Maybe what? You'll get back together ...with him?" Cory wasn't sure what to expect. She moved out of his room, already.

"No." She shook her head. "I'm not doing anything with Manny. I just want to help." She took out the cookies and put the peanut-butter cookies on the wreck to cool. "I guess. I'll move back in with you. And he can have your room in the basement. And we'll fix the sewing room up for Angie."

"When does this have to be done?" He couldn't resist the cookies. It was as if she'd lured him into the kitchen with them.

"Next week." She winced with a little smile.

Cory didn't know what to think. Just when he thought it was over, it seemed to only be getting started. She presented him with a small platter of cookies and a tall glass of cold milk.


Becky Tjandera said...

Wonder how it's gonna be!

ellie said...

Maybe they have a second chance too.

Alysha said...

Moving in with new people sounds fun, but it can get quite nerve wrecking. makes you wonder how its all gonna turn out :)

meg said...

Love the pic of Sam!

Oh, I hope Cory will be up for this.

Gianella Peralta said...

Cookies dipped in a glass of milk - perfect snack <3

Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe this time things will work for the both of them. :)