Friday, March 23, 2012

dance with me in my world

"Look, at this way, we're both virgins." River kept going back to that, but Declan didn't quite believe him. "OK, technically, I've had more sex than you have. But.." he looked away then, as they were there on the bed, yet in their clothes. "But ..I was..always somebody's..bitch."

This didn't set well with Declan, as he set at the edge with is back turned from River. First of all, he did not like the word.

"So now what?" Declan winced, looking back at River. "You want me... to be... your bitch?"

"Did I say that?" River swelled a frown. "I to love let you. And we won't talk about THAT. You're really great. You're sweet and sexy, but that's not all. I think about you ..all the time..I think about us. Together. It could be great. I know it." River reached for him.

"I don't know anything." Declan winced hard then as he turned his back to River, and put his hands over his eyes. Maybe it wasn't too late. All they'd done was make out. A lot. For hours it seemed. And yes, River made a point of letting Declan know how impressive a certain package was. "I honestly didn't expect it. Its huge." River smirked. Declan just stared back at River, trying not to be embarrassed, but it was River's nature not to be afraid of what came natural. River seemed pretty confident.

"That's why I'm here." River sounded as if he might be an expert with a doctorate degree in these sort of scenarios. His hand rested on Declan's back. It was pure warmth. Something Declan yearned for. "Look, if you want me to leave? Then, just tell me."

Declan couldn't do that. He shook his head, no. He felt his heartbeat race, as if he'd never been quite this excited in his life. Except Sage. He thought on this. Why couldn't he think of her more? Why wasn't she all he needed? Was he just too easy to please?

"You know, I love you. And..and its the kind of together, that makes me not give a shit, what other people think. I'd love you..even if you didn't love me back." River bit his bottom lip.

Declan couldn't help but feel a little woozy. River's arms came around Declan, and River kissed Declan gently on the eyelids as if to put him to sleep. "Now relax, and let me have my way with you." He whispered into his ear.


Cafe Fashionista said...

River is so sweet. :)

Sara said...

I really like River!

HailesHeartsFashion said...

I think we are starting to see a bit more of a vulnerable side to River? Declan always seems slightly intimidated by him and he does here as well but I think there is more to River than I originally thought.

Also, I think you cleverly illustrated this situation. Less is always more in writing.


meg said...

Oh, more than