Sunday, March 25, 2012

the days of our lives

Ezra didn't even care what Gage might be up too, over the Spencer matter. After all, his possible down fall lately was holding baby Jake too much.

As it was, it was pretty much a team effort at night with Jake, who would cry out about 2 or so in the morning. Ezra would get up first. Change his diaper, then bring him to Sarah. He'd stay awake with her. Make sure Jake was back in his crib. It was like watching nature at work, and before he knew it the whole process was like a ritual. And he could hardly wait for it.

Although, he kept busy. Did his shelving at the library. Stocked cans on a nightly basis at the grocery store. Now there was the Wednesday night choir practice he helped out with at church too. Mostly, it was the orchestra. That meant Sunday was not a day of rest. But at the moment, it felt good to hold Jake while Sarah went to shower. It was like a certain calm set in. He wasn't stressed and maybe Jake had been the best thing for him. Of course, it was Sarah he yearned to have some quiet time with. But he knew he couldn't have one, without the other.

Finally, Sarah showed up in something that wasn't much more than pajamas, yoga pants and one of his tank tops. She yawned and set down next to him. She didn't take the baby, but just watched.

"You think they'll ever figure this Noah thing out?" She pulled her hair back.

"Actually, I really don't care." Ezra looked up at her.

"Well, you think everything would be fine..if..if WE weren't here?" She asked. He supposed she meant Jake and her.

"We? I'm in this too, you know." He smiled more at the baby who was sleeping so cozy in his arms.

"OK, US." She clarified. Her fingers touched the back of Ezra's neck. It tickled slightly, which gave him a shiver of delight.

"I don't think we have a thing to do with it." He assured her as he got up with Jake. Ezra hoped he slept in his crib. He motioned for her to come along to their room. She did.

Now was the fun part, he decided. Being with Sarah as quietly as possible. Jake laid on his back, his lips moved ever so lov'n as if he were dreaming of Sarah too. Ezra just smiled. He gently caught Sarah by the waist then, and she fell into his lap. His hand cradled the softness of her belly.

Ezra guessed he was going to have to get her out of these fresh clothes. Somehow. But maybe a kiss would lead them there. Or not. It was as if the bed was their play pen.


Cafe Fashionista said...

They're such a cute couple. :)

ivy's closet said...

I adore them together.

mazzy may said...

Aw, I'm glad its working out for them.

meg said...

I am glad they are getting on well.

Sara said...

awww, they are so sweet!

Gianella Peralta said...

The title is so appropriate for this episode :)