Thursday, March 29, 2012

Everybody loves Spencer

"What is it with you and Spencer, lately?" Keith wanted to know. He'd noticed a closeness between Benny and Spencer that he'd never seen, until now.

"I dunno, what you mean?" Benny was being aloof. He was digging in the fridge for something to snack on. "We go ...way back." He crunched into an apple then.

"OK." Keith was still baffled. They were hanging out, lately. A lot. "Should I be worried?" Suddenly, he was jealous. Honestly, he'd been jealous for a couple of weeks now. He didn't want to alarm himself.

"About what?" Benny chuckled. "Its just, you think you know what Spencer needs in his life, but..but maybe you don't." Benny turned serious then.

"What do you mean?" Keith winced.

"Stop being a control freak." Benny winced. "You have to let your little brother make his own mistakes, so he can learn from them."

"I have no control over him." Keith felt like throwing his hands up. "Look at that mess he's got at his house? And that Gage, flaunting that girl around, like that. I-I don't know how Spencer does it. I'd be completely depressed if I were him. Maybe that's why he can't be happy with Noah. He's depressed."

"Look, he's got all his friends, supporting him. We want to be there for him. He doesn't have to find complete happiness in one person, you know." Benny sighed as if Keith would have no idea what he was really talking about.

"Well, you guys aren't even giving Noah a chance." Keith felt as if he should be cleaning something in the kitchen, but he didn't really want to, as he stood their with his hands on the counter. Somebody needed to be on Noah's side. Suddenly, he felt there were two teams at war here. Team Spencer and Team Noah.


Sara said...

Oh this is not good at all, everyone needs to get along!

Ben and Molly said...

At least, Keith is on Noah..side..I guess.

mazzy may said...

Well..this should be interesting.. Team Spencer and Team Noah.

Cafe Fashionista said...

You know that trouble is brewing when people start choosing teams. :/