Friday, March 9, 2012

something to talk about

"Declan and River?" Sage wasn't sure she was comfortable with this. "Are you sure?" She and Gage came over to help Allie and Cory with Angie's room. The guys were getting ready to paint. Sage was showing how they could duct-tape some cheap rugs from the dollar store together for some carpet.

"I think so. It looked so obvious." Allie told her.

Sage went practically numb at the thought that Declan was with a guy now. Just what had River done to him? Probably gotten him high and one thing lead to another. Suddenly, she felt the urge of tears, come over her. She missed him. She did, but it was too late, now.

"But, its Declan." Her voice cracked. She didn't mean to be in so much pain. Not that she could give up Gage, so easily. There was a certain sort of magic about him, and she wanted to nurture and make the best of it. But, she'd lost Declan in the process. It was her own damn fault. "I hope he's really happy."

"Yeah, I know." Allie went to get them some iced tea. "He seems to be..fine."

"Its know..River.." Sage sighed as if she knew they'd better get to work. A part of her hated that Gage introduced River around. Even so, she supposed there might have been some other way they'd meet. Possibly. "Who knows, he's just one of those guys who .." She didn't want to say. Wondering if Gage had been that way. "He'd probably have sex with anything that wanted him."

Allie made a face as if that was not the image she wanted to think on.

"River seemed so fond of Declan, you know." Allie bit her bottom lip. "Its not that I think its wrong, or anything. It was just..this surprise."

Sage taped at the rugs more. She couldn't put the piece in until the paint dried. She took a peek in to see if the boys were actually working. They were. A sly smile came to her face. She wondered if River was ordering Declan around. Just what kind of guy was River?


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sage definitely tells it like it is. :)

mazzy may said...

Oh, I feel for Sage. But best to let Declan go.

ellie said...

I know she's still fond of Declan though. They both are.