Sunday, March 11, 2012

moving in

"I dunno." Manny didn't mean to cause any friction. He was thankful that Cory would let he and Angie stay. He was still holding on to Angie as they looked at her new room. Freshly painted and all princess like. "I'll be in the basement. And she'll be up here."

Allie just crossed her arms, as if she was sure Manny wouldn't even let Angie down to look around the room.

Manny sighed, and let the two and half year old down so she could investigate the place. "I guess, we'll see how it goes." But it was hard to fear the worse. That he wouldn't be there for Angie, fast enough. She really was the love of his life. But he knew he couldn't do it all on his own. He left Allie with Angie as Cory showed him the room in the basement.

It was like an apartment. Manny had his own bathroom, and a big bed too. He sat down on it. It was much better than the ones in motels and hotels he'd stayed in close to the hospital. If he let himself he just might get a good night's rest.


Gianella Peralta said...

Let your worries go for a while and have a good sleep :)

mazzy may said...

I hope they all get along.

Deidre said...

A nice comfy bed and feeling safe are definitely recipes for a good rest.

Sara said...

I think that they just have to adjust a little :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

They just need to give it a bit of time. :)