Tuesday, March 13, 2012

in all honesty

Cory was trying to play this carefully. He just didn't see this working. Yet, Manny was being sincere and not at all fussy. It shocked Cory. He hadn't expected it. Of course, it helped that Gage and Sage being their earlier, like a buffer. There was lots of laughter and talk. They'd filled up on Allie's prize winning roast beef and other comfort delights. She'd even made an apple pie. It helped to have Angie around. Everyone wanted to be nice around the baby who'd finally got out of the hospital. Even if she had lots of doctor's appointments to get too, in the coming weeks.

But now they were alone. Cory and Manny.

"So..this Sage, that Gage has taken up with?" Manny made conversation that wasn't about them. "Who would have thunk it? I mean, this is Gage, we're talking about." Manny seemed to still be living in the past, but all the while he was checking out the mattress and the bathroom down in the basement.

There was just a shower and a toilet, but he seemed pleased with it. Although, the laundry room was next door to his room.

"Yeah, I-I knew Sage, from..from before." Cory mentioned, which a part of him wished he hadn't said, after he said it. He kept his hand at the nap of his neck.

"From before?" Manny winced.

"Yeah, she was a band roadie, while I was on tour. I went on a band tour last summer." Cory kind of smiled.

"Band roadie? You don't think she'd leave Gage for something like that, again, do you?" Manny asked.

Cory didn't think so.

"How about you? You gonna hit the road again?" Manny smiled.

Cory kind of laugh. He hadn't thought of anything like that, in a real long while. He looked up the stairway then. "I-I better get back to Allie." As much as he liked the idea of being on the road again, he wasn't sure if he wanted Allie to be alone with Manny.


Sara said...

Sounds like a good get-together, but everyone is still a little tense.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Everyone seems so on edge. :/

meg said...

Good to keep Cory in check. Maybe its good for him to be worried.