Wednesday, March 14, 2012

its never too late

"I feel like I'm the odd girl out." Lucy glared at Sarah who picked her and Lux up to go shopping.

Things were changing, yet Lucy still felt she had to depend on others. Of course, Todd knew exactly where she was, at all times. That cell phone of hers was like a beacon. She  bet he'd put a microchip in her if he could, just to make sure to know what she was up too.

"Well, you're not." Sarah told her. "I bet you never read either book, one's about girls and the other one is a lesbian novel."

Lucy just winced at Sarah, wondering what she was talking about her. It was like her to read more into what Lucy just said.

Lucy looked over the spring shirt tail dresses, wishing she could afford something new, but they were here to find shoes for Lux, who needed shoes for Lux to walk in. Although, she was only trying to attempt it with her fat wobbly legs.

"Its just, I have to do something. I'm going crazy." Lucy told her.

"OK, slow down there. You realize you have been to the psych ward. Just what are you talking about? Are you hearing voices? Seeing ghosts?"

"Its not about that." Lucy rolled her eyes.

"Thank God." Sarah sighed.

"I dunno if..if I'm smart, anymore. Maybe I never was." Lucy caught herself whining then. She didn't mean, too.

"Why would you say that?" Sarah pushed the car onward to the children's shoe department.

"Just look at me? I didn't even go to my high school graduation." Lucy looked as if she wanted to kick herself now.

"Lucy, the thing is, not to dwell on the past. OK? You can do anything, if you put your mind to it." Sarah shrugged.

Lucy went to pick up the little pink sneakers and measured them on Lux's socked foot.

"Like what?" Lucy fretted.

"You're very good with money. Maybe you should think about accounting." Sarah shrugged.

"Me? In accounting?" Lucy winced. That sounded absolutely boring to her. But she did book-keeping for Todd's salon.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Accounting is a fantastic career for someone who likes numbers! :)

Sara said...

Sounds boring to others, but she might like it :)

FWB said...

She's a smart girl. She just needs to believe it.