Thursday, March 15, 2012

nothing in the cards

Benny was beginning to think Spencer wasn't coming home with a new car. Keith and Spencer were at the dealership for an awful long time. As it was Benny was at Spencer's waiting for the big moment to arrive. Spencer with a new car.

Of course, Sage was making tuna sandwiches. Benny ended up eating a sandwich on rye. Honestly, he never ate other people's food, but Sage could whip up some pretty good stuff for a little white girl.

That's when Gage mentioned that he'd heard from Declan that River knew Noah. "I think he knows more, but he wouldn't tell me." Gage shrugged as he half looked at homework and chowed down on supper. They'd evidently talked while Declan was in the hospital, but Gage reminded him that Declan was a little groggy then. "Maybe River's really confided him, you know. Doesn't Declan look like the type that you could tell everything too?" Gage looked at Benny then.

"I guess so." Benny shrugged.

"I have this feeling Noah is not on the up and up with Spencer. And look at him, he wasn't jumping back to his place, or anything, was he? And they went on a cruise together. I mean..if it was so amazing...wouldn't they have gotten married or something?" Gage looked at Benny to say something.

"They got tattoos." Benny sighed as he slurped on his soda.

"Maybe I should see if River gotta tattoo with Noah." Gage smirked then.

Benny couldn't help but laugh. Yet, he felt sorry for Spencer. He didn't need someone like that in his life if Noah was bad news. If this was true....Benny, ordinarily didn't like mysteries. Perhaps Noah wasn't as perfect they thought he was.

Finally, they heard a beep from the driveway. Spencer rolled in with a Soul KIA. It was a dark neon green. Benny smiled when he saw it. At least Spencer had a new car. He knew Keith would battle it out, until Spencer got a real deal.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Things are certainly changing for Spencer. :)

Sara said...

What a nice car! I am so happy for them :)

mazzy may said...

I'm glad good things are happening for him.

meg said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, for Spence.

Gianella Peralta said...

The scent of a new car.. I can smell it! Haha!