Friday, April 20, 2012

all sorts of surprises

"Wow, Benny's gonna be a dad?" Sarah wasn't quite sure she believed it. Spencer told them at dinner a few days later.

"Yeah, its his cousin's baby." Spencer shrugged.

"So, it'll look like him?" She bit into a stalk of celery. They were having a feast of leftovers. Trying, to clean the fridge out.

"Well, the father of the baby is blond, so it'll be a good match for Keith, too." He sighed. "Trevor is also the bicycle bandit." Spencer pushed the left-over mac'n cheese around his plate.

"You mean that kid they've been flashing pictures of, on the local news?" Sage asked as she was passing the carrot and raisin salad toward Ezra.

"Yeah, that's the one." Spencer kind of laughed.

"Wow, he's actually really cute." Sarah smirked.

"Oh, you would notice," Ezra teased.

"I'm just saying, chances are, the baby will be adorable." Sarah shrugged. She looked at Jake, sleeping in his swing. Perhaps they grew in to cuteness. She really wasn't so sure what to make of Jake when he was born, but now he was adorable. She smiled at him, thinking he probably knew she was thinking about him. He made happy sucking movements with his little lips.

"Yeah, he might be the next Justin Bieber if he wasn't so bad." Ezra scoffed.

"Well, I heard he'd been under house arrest before, but he cut off the ankle monitor, ran away and just hung out with his friends." Sage told them about Trevor Jones.

"Wow, you know an awful lot about him, Sage." Gage looked at her, as if she wasn't telling them everything.

"It was on the news." Sarah winced. There was no need to put Sage on the spot. Sarah wanted to get back to talking about the good things happening. Like Benny and Keith adopting a baby, not a teenage fugitive.


caitlin and megan said...

The bicycle bandit is quite interesting.

Sara said...

Wow, that was an intresting little addition to the story!

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, what surprising news! :)

Krosemarie said...

This is such a cool blog! I just saw your comment on my post about that new Glee character, and then I saw he was one of your characters as well! I'll definitely be back to read more :) Thanks for checking out my blog!