Wednesday, April 4, 2012

in a sad way

When Spencer stopped at the Quickie Mart to change the seating arrangement, he didn't know everyone was going to have to have cornnuts, sausage sticks and a Slushie.

"Guys?" He was pretty reluctant to be here, anyway. But initially, he was the one who called Noah, and said he was coming over. He just left out the rest. As if they were 'crew' established nor gang ready.

Yes, he believed River should be able to get his laptop, flat screen and gaming system back. And maybe this was the end. There was a lot to think through. It wasn't all bad with Noah. Yet, a part of him felt as if Noah was out of his league. He looked around at them all climbing back in the car. This time, River and Declan set next to each other, but Benny got in the back seat with them while Gage climbed in up front. Soon they were on the road again. Hopefully, Gage could wrap it up in a couple of minutes, because they weren't far from Noah's place.

"I really, don't want to make things worse with you and Noah. I don't. I'm afraid I've..I've taken too much from you, already." Gage admitted. "And..and I know you love me. And..and I love you." His eyes were red rimmed. "Except, its just not gonna happen. You know, us." He shook his head.

Spencer squinted as he watched Gage all sad and misty-eyed. Spencer gave Gage a pat on the back ast they loaded in.

 It was good to hear those words though. That Gage loved him. Spencer was afraid they might always be a strangers to each other. But he did know, Gage was there for him. Spencer would be there for Gage and even Sage. He felt as if they were family and they would always look out for each other.

Spencer kept his eye on the road. There was more doubt in his heart now about Noah. And he hated this feeling.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a trying time. :/

Sara said...

It was a good and a bad talk :(

mazzy may said...

I think they understand each other..better now.

meg said...

This might be a dreadful trip.

W. said...

Such interesting friendships.