Monday, April 2, 2012

On the way

Gage was beginning to think he should have called shotgun on this little ride of theirs, into the night. As it was he sat between River and Declan in the back of Spencer's new vehicle. It was a bad idea to sit between them. Of course, he promised Sage before he left that they weren't going to Noah's for a fight. Who did she think they were?

He'd laughed at her when she went on about how horrible it might be. Had he thought of the fighting? He guessed not.

"You do want your stuff back?" Gage asked River then. He gave him a nod. Gage looked over at Declan. "So how's it going, man?" Gage found himself asking.

"Not so bad." But Declan wasn't putting it out there that he was really OK.

"I guess I..I owe apology." Gage hugged himself thinking, why in the world was he sitting here between the two of them. He was on the hump of the back seat. Actually, he was taller than both of them. Especially Declan who should be sitting in the middle. Then he remembered. The apology. "I wasn't thinking, you know..about'd feel..." He shut his eyes tight. It was a struggle to get the words out. Suddenly, all he could see was Spencer's face. It was so odd. Like a memory, of some kind. But he couldn't explain it. It was a sad feeling. Grief. Perhaps it was the look on Spencer's face. Gage's eyes welled up in tears. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry..I didn't think about your feelings. And I know you really.." He could hardly breathe.

"Its all right, Gage." Declan told him as if he knew Gage was talking about Sage. He put his arm around him. He promised him they were still friends. But Gage shook his head. Nothing was all right.

"I need to talk to Spence. I have to talk to Spence. Right now." Gage demanded, but Spencer kept driving. He'd have to get off the Interstate if they wanted to talk.


Sara said...

Oh this has got to be very hard and very awkward.

Cuppykirsten said...

This is pretty inconvenient... Hope they'll be okay.

With love, Kirsten

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a confusing moment. :/

meg said...

Gage might be in over his