Thursday, April 12, 2012

no more waiting

Keith was a little put out with Benny, lately. They seemed to be losing something. Yet, he didn't know what.

The sex was good. There was always that. It was just the other stuff. Benny seemed to be with his friends, all the time. There was a time, Keith thought they were his friends too, but obviously not. Here he was left alone with a Lean Cuisine. He wasn't even up to cracking open a bottle of wine.

He ate in silence and  his dinner was over within five minutes. He washed the plastic and put it in the recycle bend. Perhaps some coffee would do him good. Maybe when Ben was back they could have a talk. Although, Benny didn't really like it when he called him Ben. They had their spats over this.

Keith found the name Benny down right silly. "You're not a little boy." He'd told him more than once. "Why can't you be, my Ben." Naturally, Benny rolled his eyes at that. Ever so often Benny didn't seem to mind. So it had stuck, more or less. Keith hoped. It wasn't that he was trying to change him.

Just then the door bell rang, and Keith thought it was too late for the Girl Scouts to be out. He took a peek. Benny's mother was at the door. Keith had to open the door. And she'd brought someone with her. He couldn't imagine what they'd want.

He went to get them coffee. And she waited at the kitchen table. He found what was actually left of the Girl Scout cookies that he'd hidden from Benny.

"How nice to see you?" He was all smiles, but she didn't believe him for a second. She fluttered her made up eyelashes and gave him the throat slash sign to cut it out. This made him nervous. He pushed mint and coconut cookies toward them.

"See. We have problem." She was blunt as she focused on his face.

"Problem?" Keith could hardly blink. Maybe she needed help with her taxes. "Fergie have problem. Big problem." She shot her thumb back at the girl, who was skinny and tiny with dark short hair. "14 this one, and she gets banged up."

Keith shook his head, imagining guns and a gang riot that turned in a dance number like Thriller. Then it donned on him what this was really about. "Oh."


Gianella Peralta said...

"imagining guns and a gang riot that turned in a dance number like Thriller" this made me laugh non stop for some reason :))

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Great post :) I hate when people try and change the name you have been called by your whole life. He should just give up and call him Benny like Benny wants :L (hahaa sorry if that sounded too involved but I get caught up in stories)


meg said...

Oh, Keith can't change Benny. Doesn't he know that?

Loved the last part too.

W. said...

Looks like some changes, though. What an interesting visit from Benny's Mom. Especially, about Fergie getting "banged" up.

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a strange visit; yet full of bad news. :(

Sara said...

Wow, I hope he can help them!