Monday, April 30, 2012

out in the open

It was a long time coming, but Allie had Declan all to herself at the diner for breakfast. Well, almost. Angie was with her.

"You sure, you don't mind?" They talked on the phone from time to time, but they'd been busy, and she still knew she should see him more.

"No, no, this is great." He was all smiles, especially to see Angie who of course was curious of him too. She was making faces at him. Possibly, flirting as she kicked her legs toward him in the high chair.

"So, how are you?" She asked, but wasn't sure if he'd even mention River. He was private, that way.

"Well, we are looking getting married." He told her.

"Wow." That was sudden. "But..why?" She was puzzled, wishing she hadn't asked.

"I want to." Declan nodded. "I really want to, and..and it would give River a better chance, at staying in the country."

"Really?" This was news. The waitress brought menus and coffee. "I didn't even know," Well, she didn't know what to ask.

"He's got a green card. Its just, he wants to stay. I want him to stay." Declan told her. "I want him to get his old job back. He deserves another chance. I think he was given a raw deal. He shouldn't have had to go through with..what happened."

"What happened, exactly?" Allie wanted to know as she got out a pacifier for Angie before she got fussy.

"Well, it might have been his fault. Maybe he didn't know, exactly what was happening, either. But this old professor who should have retired, a while ago, was pretty mean to him. I guess, it was because the department actually wanted him to replace her, but she kind of went psycho on him, instead. And now, I'm finding out, she has dementia. River needs this job." Declan wrapped his hands around his coffee cup.

Declan shook his head. "Its funny, when I first met River, I kept thinking, how did he ever get this far, from all the things he grew up with. Seriously, I thought he was some sort of street kid, you know. But I find out, he's educated and could have a very nice paying job, right now. I know he doesn't think he deserves it, but he's so much better than he thinks he is. I have to help him."

"But are you seriously in love with him?" Allie wanted to know. Even she couldn't completely say those words to Cory.

"I am in love with him, and everything that comes with it." Declan let another smile slip.

Allie could only wish she knew what was his secret for that kind of devotion.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad he's finally admitted his devotion! :)

Sara said...

I think Allie could learn a little about love from these two!

meg said...

I'm happy for both of them.