Wednesday, May 2, 2012

it takes two

There Todd and Lucy were sitting at each end of the coffee table on the floor waiting for Lux to do her trick. Lucy was excited about it. Lately, she'd been the perfect mother. All this animation with Lux. Talking to her, which sometimes, Todd treated as acting lessons. What was she up too?

"Well, I've read, its up to us to make her expressive." Lucy informed him.

So they'd both been rather fools around her, he supposed. But she was babbling now, and she was definitely active, on her own. Struggling at times, but stronger each day as those little pushes turned into crawling. Now, Lucy put her a foot away or so on her stomach, to let her get up on her own. With such speed Lux was on her way to the coffee table. Little by little she wabbled up. Next thing they knew she was laughing, smacking the table with her fist.

They both clapped as if it were the best show.

Those eyes of Lux's were definitely Lucy's. But her mouth, a little of his and Lucy's too. Todd thought Lux was the most beautiful creature. Then he saw her teeth. Just the two on top and then something that looked almost like a needle. A third. Rather weird, in fact. Todd didn't mean to grimace.

"I really hope she doesn't have my teeth." He slightly frowned.

"What are you talking about? Your teeth are perfect." She told him.

"No, they are not perfect." He glared at Lucy as Lux was making her way to him.

"Well, I never liked mine, either." She told him.

Lux slobbered on his chin then and he rubbed her very bare head. It was perfectly round. Like a big onion, in fact.

"What are you saying, we should both get braces?" He held on to Lux.

Just how geeky would that be? Parents, with braces. He could imagine what people might think. They were either too young to have a baby or they were just vain.

Lux poked her fingers in his mouth as if she knew exactly what he was talking about. Todd looked at the strange Dracula tooth that emerged. He guessed over night. Why hadn't he noticed before?

"Don't be ridiculous. Besides the dentist doesn't seem to think that little needle tooth is nothing to worry about." She'd taken Lux already for her first visit with the dentist.

"But what if..if it over laps another?" Todd couldn't help but to make a disgusted face. He was sure it was all his fault. He'd seen a picture of his grandmother. It was not pretty, and Lux was very pretty. Of course, she didn't have enough hair on her head for a haircut as of yet. But she was beautiful. Some day everyone would see that. He was sure of it.

"Then she'll get the braces." Lucy couldn't help but smile.

"Hate the thought of putting her through it, tthough." He hugged Lux close. He kissed her forehead.

"And how you gonna be when she wants a belly button piercing, or a tattoo?" Lucy pursed her lips.

Todd looked a Lux. He didn't want anything to harm her. He honestly didn't. It really was an on going chore being a Dad, yet he loved every second of it.


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Aww they're cute! And Lux is growing up so quickly!

HailesHeartsFashion said...

Such a great post, really captured a parents affection and adoration to their child. The image of them both having braces made me laugh! :)Cannot wait to see how Lux is going to develop in this story :)


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