Friday, May 4, 2012

little by little

"So you two made up, did you?" Todd asked as he snipped away at Spencer's bangs. He was due a haircut. Perhaps.

"How can you tell?" It startled Spencer at first.

"You haven't smiled like this, in ages." Todd told him as he stood back to see if the dishwater locks were straight. Todd tossed Spencer's bangs about as to make them wispy.

"Yeah, I guess Noah and I made up." He wasn't sure he wanted to admit it, completely. It was just sex. Yet, he couldn't think of anyone else he could be with. A thought of Benny tugged at his heart. "I guess you know..about Benny and Keith."

"What happened?" Todd stopped snipping as if he expected the worst.

"Its not bad. Something good." Spencer had to remember that. "Benny's cousin is having a baby and..and she wants them to have it. I think. Or maybe it's Benny's mother who wants it, that way."

"Benny being a Dad." Todd chuckled. "Who would have thunk it, huh?"

"He'll be cool. Its Keith I'm worried about. He stresses over everything. I can't believe he agreed to it." Spencer shrugged. "I'm mean he's less kid friendly, than me."

At least Spencer was getting used to Sarah's baby. He'd even changed a pamper or two. He'd managed to watch the baby while Sarah took a nap once. It was just baby steps. Lord knows, he knew he'd never ever be a Dad, but at least he could play uncle.

Todd told him that Lux was almost walking now.

"She's so energetic." Todd grinned as if he loved every second with his little daughter. He finished shaving Spencer's neckline with his buzzing electric clippers.

"You have time, to see Lux today?" Todd wouldn't take his money, but Spencer slipped it into the tip jar, anyway.

"Yeah, sure. I'd love to see Lux." Spencer supposed it would be nice to see her. So Todd locked up and they ran up the stairwell on the side of the building to Todd's flat.

Lucy was reading a book to the baby. Spencer was sure Lux would be asleep and he'd have to wait until some other time.

"Lets see if she'll do what she did yesterday." Todd beamed.

"Sounds like you are getting her ready for the circus." Spencer looked wide-eyed at the both of them.

"Wait, till you see what she can do now." Lucy told them.

She put her down on the floor, immediate Lux pushed herself up to a crawl and made it to the coffee table. She pulled herself up and got on the coffee table with ease. Next thing they knew she was standing up on the coffee table.

"I'm not ready for this." Todd gritted. "Instead of walking, she's a climber."

But Lux laughed as if she knew already how to push Todd's buttons. Spencer couldn't help but laugh.

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