Sunday, May 6, 2012

an ominous feeling

"This is going to cost. LOTS." River looked up at Declan. What a day off? A trip to see an immigration lawyer.

River felt as if someone had opened his chest up and decided to put some sort of GPS chip in it, to know his where-abouts. He'd been slipping by so easily, until now.

"Why did you want me to go, in the first place?" He scoffed as he chewed on his pinkie finger nail. His nails had never looked better. He didn't want to chew them to the quick, but suddenly he was a nervous wreck.

"Look, it won't be that bad. You need to go to the University. See, if they can help you." Declan's sad eyes focused on him.

"I can't. I won't get it back." He was so sure. They'd send him on his way, soon. He supposed.

"You'll never know, unless you try." Declan set next to him. "We need to get married. You heard what the lawyer said."

"Yeah, and we have to write a novel how we met, too." River rolled his eyes at that.

"I'll do that," Declan said it as if it were not a problem.

River was suddenly overwhelmed with tears. But he didn't want Declan hugging him. He got up to put on the kettle for tea.

He knew to expect the worst. He'd be deported. It was an ugly feeling. He cleared his throat. Just then he heard a cry of some kind at the backdoor. He opened the old door and saw the gray kitten on the porch step. Immediately, he opened the screen and picked up the wee thing. Its little needle claws went right into his old hunter green sweater.

Suddenly, it felt as if he needed to be here for the little orphan.

"Où avez-vous venu? Mon petit ami." He suddenly had a new priority to focus on. He wanted to be here for Declan and the kitten.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a sweet twist. :)

Sara said...

What an adorable sign!