Thursday, May 24, 2012

when the going gets tough

Declan knew it now. River was the biggest procrastinator he'd ever met.

"You want a cat?" Well, it was obvious. River had the kitten in the kitchen letting it slurp up milk.

"He likes me." River was more relaxed than ever. His head full of fuzzy curls and that smirk was disgustingly sexy which Declan didn't need right now.

"You know I made an appointment for you to get your job back at the university?" Declan glared at River, barefooteed in his grey sweats and Declan's black ribbed tank. "Are you doing this on purpose, or what?"

"What?" River looked up at him as if the kitten came first. He was naming the orange tabby Dewey. Just like the cat he read about at the library. Dewey the cat lived in the library.

Declan sighed.

"Just get ready. We have a good case to make. They may have let you go because you were gay. And they can't do that. Don't you see?" Declan had read the law. He'd read up on it with the help of the reference lady while River was turning pages in library. "We can get you this job back! I'm sure of it. And..and that makes it all the more of a chance of staying in this country!"

"But I have a job." River looked ever so innocent.

Declan was ready to pull someone's hair out.

"Listen to me." Declan was closer, pulling River's face toward his. "The cat can wait. This can't. This is your career, we..are talking about." Declan stared intently at him.

"But I don't want to piss anyone off." River squinted hard. "I like fruits and vegetables."


ellie said...

Oh, River. Its great that Declan is standing up for him.

meg said...

Declan has to set him straight..sort of. I hope River will fight for his job.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Go Declan! :)

Spencer and Toby said...

River has to wake up and decide to stand up for himself. Declan is great!

O V said...

Go! Declan!!!