Wednesday, June 27, 2012

hard times

They were gay.

Trevor looked at the couple. He didn't mean to wince. This was just weird. Here they were sitting with Fergie at the vistor's table. He'd heard Sage mention Benny and Keith, but it didn't really click.

Of course, he knew Fergie would be fawning all over him if they weren't here. He looked at her thinking he wasn't sure if she were the Fergie he remembered. That Fergie was awful quiet and totally nonchalant. He'd never seen her without a cigarette.

He didn't know what to say. What was he suppose to say?

"So? You're sure its a girl?" Trevor wasn't sure if he wanted to see his daughter with two Dads and since he was the third that would even be more strange. He nursed his bottom lip as he stared at Fergie who kept looking at him as if she longed to be alone with him. He'd never seen her quite like this. Usually, she never gave him the time of day. But then, she could.

He finally smiled at her as if he was glad she was here. She touched his hands, briefly. For moment, he felt as giddy as she did. He did miss her.

"Yeah, that's what they say." She nodded as if she would be calm now.

"Crazy, huh?" Trevor's grin was open. Immediately, he went numb. He knew he was suppose to be.  He noticed how she bit her thumb nail. It would be in the quick, just like the rest of her fingernails. " sister says... you...are..all right..guys."

He didn't want to make trouble. What more could he say? He didn't want them to leave. He never got company.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Trevor definitely needs to learn to be more accepting - if only for Fergie's sake. :/

ellie said...

poor Trev. Hopefully, he'll come around and get to know them.

Cait said...

This is certainly all new for him.

Sara said...

I am hoping he learns to be more accepting.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely, all new for Trevor.