Friday, June 1, 2012

on edge

Sage knew it. Those Margaritas did her in. Or so she wanted to believe when she woke up in a sweat. It was as if she'd come back from a very dark place. She leaned up on her elbows. Happy, she was here. No where near the past.

Funny, how she'd done her best not to think of it. Not until now. Not until she remembered what a bad seed she truly was. No wonder Trevor would want nothing to do with her. She'd ruined his life.

Sage cringed in tears, as she thought back about what really happened. But it felt as if it were life and death back then. She wanted something better for herself and her brother too.

Sage sank back down in her pillow. What was once sweat now gave her goosebumps. Her teeth were almost in a chatter as she snuggled closer to Gage to keep warm.

A part of her knew she nor Trevor had no business having to spend a life with Trevor's father. He was always on the run. It was always a rollercoaster ride. They were in one school after another. It was only a place to take refuge she thought now, or maybe a place he didn't have to bother with them when he made his drug deals and whatever. She'd been oblivious to most of it. She guessed. Maybe Trevor was too young to ever figured it out.

She thought of one time when the special ed teacher almost figured it out. She was being tested for various learning disabilities, she guessed. Of course, they could never track down her guardian to sign the paperwork.

"Where are you living?" She'd asked.

"The park." It was true they were dirty and smelled of poverty.  Yet, no one really cared much to know who they were.

"The park?" She smiled at her as if she were making up stories.

"By the park." But he'd given them a fake address when he enrolled them. Of course, they weren't at the school long after that. They moved on. If only she could have explained to the teacher then, what she should have, but it was as if it were something invisible the teacher would have to figure out.

She'd never wanted to speak of the neglect or the abuse. She still didn't. She wouldn't.

And now, she wasn't sure Treavor would want to speak of her, either.


ellie said...

I think of Sage as a survivor. She is a good person.

meg said...

I'm glad she's found Gage.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a sad backstory for her. :(

what a girl wants said...

I think she's stronger than she knows.