Sunday, June 3, 2012


Fergie hardly ever spoke. Sometimes, Keith wondered if she was even staying with them. Of course, she still smelled of smoke. Keith wouldn't let her smoke in the house. Evidently, she was going somewhere to smoke. He'd wanted to bring it up, but Benny wouldn't let him. Best they be friendly to her, if she'd let them.

Keith had no idea if she had feelings for this Trevor, still, or even the baby.

And then Simon showed up.

"Who are you?" Keith found him sitting in the livingroom, all quiet checking his watch.

"I'm Simon." His big dark eyes looked up at Keith as if that was enough information. "Fergie sent for me."

"Why?" It was summer. Shouldn't a pale boy like him be out in the sun, doing summer things? Instead, he looked like a throwback from the seventies.

"She needs a ride." He almost smiled.

"Well, she could have asked." Keith was a bit miffed. Maybe it was a culture thing with Fergie, or she was just unfriendly. "Do you like her?" Keith winced, wondering if Fergie had moved on.

"Very much." He grinned then. "But, she's Fergie." He looked a little sad then.

"Yes, I know. Stubborn." Keith rolled his eyes. "She tells me nothing. I bet she hates it here. But she won't let me know, anything."

"She likes for you to guess." Simon shrugged.

"But, how do you know her?" Keith winced. It would be highly unlikely that she was actually attracted to him.

"School. Known her since Sixth Grade band." Simon told him. "She has flute lips."

Keith didn't know how to comment on that. "Well, should I see if she's ready?"

"That's all right. She'll let me know when she is." Simon wasn't going anywhere. Keith offered him a cup of tea or something, but Simon said he was OK.

Keith wondered if he'd really learn about any of Fergie's secrets from Simon.


Gianella Peralta said...

Keith, Simon said you start guessing yourself.. Haha!

ellie said...

At least Fergie has a friend.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad to see that Fergie has someone looking out for her. :)

FWB said...

Simon definitely looks interesting. Funny, I just met a guy who looks so much like him.

Sara said...

Awww I think I like Simon already :)